‘i-Life ” brings a new laptop in the market

US-based brand ‘i-Life “brings a new laptop in the market. ‘Z Air laptop on the stem can be found only 16 thousand 499 rupees. Intel quad-core processor and the laptop came with Windows 10 are imported directly from Dubai.

Surabhi marketed portable laptop weighs just 125 kg Enterprise Limited. 14-inch HD display, this laptop can do such work in the morning. It has a 10,000 mAh battery, the laptop can run for 8 hours in a row.

It has a two GB of RAM, 3 GB SSD storage. The interesting aspect of the device is 100 GB of free cloud ksesa can be used. There are two USB ports to lyapatapatite, HDMI and SD card ports. Microsoft Office’s work, such as MS Word, Excel, presentation, Internet access, as well as Photoshop, Auto-CAD to work. You can increase memory with SD card, external hard disk, pen drives can be used.

15.9 m. M thickness, highly arkasaniya design, slim, transparent and connected to the laptop display is available in Full HD Quality Grey, Silver and Golden color. Students, as well as office and personal use, the device can be used comfortably.

Laptop at BCS Computer City (IDB building) raiyansa kampiutarasa, Tech View, Star unsustainable showrooming can be found, Elephant Road, Multiplan Center shows the basic technology can be found in the room, also in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, authorized dealer showrooming BCS can be found in the computer market.

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