Solid seismic tremor strikes Indonesia

A seismic tremor estimating 6.1-size shook Indonesia’s East Java region on Thursday, however was not a potential for tidal wave, an authority at the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency stated, reports IANS.

The tremor shook at 2.06pm with a focal point at 56 km of Tuban and with the profundity at 656 km under ocean bed, the authority said.

A few minutes after the fact, a 6.0-extent shake with the profundity at 623 km under ocean bottom, and is accepted to be a post-quake tremor, struck off the area, he stated, including an examination the status of the last shudder is being attempted, Xinhua news organization revealed.

Indonesia is inclined to shudder as it lies on a powerless shake affected territory called “the Pacific Ring of Fire”.

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