VC’s resignation demanded at JU

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon, JU coreespondent

The protesting teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) on Thursday demanded resignation of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Farzana Islam for her alleged involvement with corruption.

On September 19 at around 1.00 pm, Teachers and students brought out a protest procession against the corruption. The procession was started from Social Science faculty and ended with a brief rally in front of the old administrative building.

They issued an ultimatum till October 1 for the VC to resign from her post “respectfully”, saying she had morally lost her position to the post. The teachers and students also declared the VC persona-non-grata to all buildings during admission test for the 2019-20 session which is scheduled to be held from September 22 to October 1.

Joynal Abedin Shishir, Joint Convener of Bangladesh Sadharon Chhatra Adhikar Parishad of JU branch said, “We want to warn the Vice-Chancellor that she will relinquish his power before the ultimatum ends. Otherwise, her resignation will be ensured through rigorous agitation. Jahangirnagar never compromised with any wrongdoing.’

Mirza Taslima Nasrin, Professor of Anthropology department said, “We are forced to come to today’s position. The Vice-Chancellor of the University cannot again hold such honorable post after being involved in such a heinous crime.’

Mohammad Dedar, general secretary of the Socialist Student Front, said, “People from all over the state know that the Vice-Chancellor of JU is involved in corruption. In this situation, no one in the country wants her as Vice-Chancellor. Besides, we think resignation alone cannot be a punishment for this crime. This system needs changes. No university can run in such a situation. We think an important task of the university is to protest all wrongdoing and to stop the corruption that has happened.’

Professor Nurul Islam of the Department of Geography and Environment said, “Not only Vice-Chancellor Prof Farzana Islam stigmatized the university but also her whole family involved with it. Her husband and the son are associating with all immorality. We will ask the teachers around the Vice Chancellor to force her to resign from her post after this corruption incident. Jahangirnagar does not want to see this corrupt vice-chancellor for a moment. ‘

Earlier on Wednesday evening, after a long three-hour discussion with the protesting teachers, they announced the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor at a press conference in front of the New Arts building.

Teachers and students organized today’s protest procession in support this announcement and demanded a judicial inquiry into the allegations of corruption raised against the vice-chancellor.

However, Vice-Chancellor Prof Farzana Islam told the media that she would not resign in the movement.

“If the higher authorities of the state ask me to resign, I will resign from the post. If they don’t say it, I will not resign’, said Prof Farzana Islam.