VC backed teachers demands Pro-VC`s resignation

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon, JU correspondent

Bangabandhu Teachers Council has demanded resignation of pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Amir Hossain, citing that he has’ direct support ‘in the ongoing movement at Jahangirnagar University (JU).

On Thursday (September 7) the claims were made in a statement signed by Abdul Mannan Chowdhury and Professor Bashir Ahmed.

Meanwhile, former Vice-Chancellor Prof Sharif Enamul Kabir also claimed to have ‘connection’ and the parishad demanded an investigation and trial of the allegations brought against him.

The statement said, “A section of teachers are constantly weaving the conspiracy network by making false allegations of corruption by taking part of the student movement as an opportunity.The present Vice-Chancellor (Administration) Professor Amir Hossain and former Vice-Chancellor Prof Sharif Enamul Kabir are thrusting the protester in the movement demanding the resignation of VC.”

The statement further said that Vice-Chancellor (Administration) Professor Amir Hossain has involved in the conspiracy by dismissing the pre-scheduled meeting of the agitators with the administration on September 7.

By the resignation of VC, he or some of his fellows want to take the post of VC. However, he are accusing VC of ‘corruption and moral dishonesty, but he has allegation of admitting his nephew misleadingly.

Regarding the involvement of the movement and the allegations of conspiracy against the administration, Professor Amir Hossain said, “The Vice-Chancellor has tried to recruit me into his party several times. But I didn’t want to deviate from my norm. So I am being conspired against.”

However, a further attempt has taken to connect via cell phone to former VC Prof Sharif Enamul Kabir to inquire about the allegations of the VC backed teachers organization but he did not receive the call.

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