41st batch of JU celebrates ` Rag Day`

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon, JU correspondent

The four day long rag-day programme of the 41st batch of Jahangirnagar University(JU) are celebrating with a festive mode on the campus.

Securing the slogan “Alada Cithi Tobu Ek Khame, Tobu Ek Name” the opening rally of the festival inaugurated formally on September 18 on the campus by the fresher graduates.

To celebrate the rag the students chalked out a comprehensive programme including rock carnival and Baul Sandha on September 18,Tree plantation, cleaning the campus and cultural night on September 19, Mehedi Utsab and concert on September 20, trip, Dinner and Dj on September 21.

Earlier, A S M Firoz Ul Hasan inaugurated the programme of cultural section at the university`s Muktamanch on the first day of the programme.

He said, “41 batch will be bounded emotionally on the deep soul of their junior fellows. We will miss them badly in our every step of progression of our campus.”

Earlier, Jubo and Shyma were elected king-queen for the 41th rag day of JU through an election on July.

The election was held at the university`s central students union(JUCSU) building with a cheerful environment. All the students of 41th batch of JU were voted on the election.

Arman khan Jubo of Bangla department was elected king getting 641 vote where the total voter was 1208. Shyma Bhattacharya of drama and dramatics department got the post of queen getting 628 vote.

The king Queen performed yesterday at the Muktamanch where about 2000 spectator gave them standing ovation.

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