Dev Project at Gopalganj Univ: The riddle of Tk 10 crore

In the event that you pass by the reports of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University in Gopalganj, more than 68 percent work to fabricate a solid Shaheed Minar on the grounds has been finished.

Be that as it may, what the college truly has is an alternative wooden structure, which also is left uncared for, with an edge on its upper part ousted.

According to the advancement report, Tk 1.63 crore out of the all out Tk 2.38 crore was spent till June 2018 for the Shaheed Minar development, which really has not in any case started.

The story doesn’t end here. The specialists referenced in the official archives that they spent about Tk 8.5 crore in building Bangabandhu Mural Complex, an assembly hall and two doors of the college.

The papers show sixteen percent work of the painting intricate, 15 percent of amphitheater and 47 percent of the entryways have been finished. In any case, there are no indications of these structures yet.

The college is as of now under the spotlight with understudies exhibiting for abdication of Vice-Chancellor Prof Khondoker Md Nasiruddin in the midst of charges incorporating defilement in the venture and nepotism in enrollment.

Reached, the VC said there has been no abnormalities in the college improvement venture. Asserting that no undertaking cash was spent at this point, he requested that this reporter contact the venture chief or his representative for subtleties.

Tuhin Mahmud, agent venture executive, discounted unite however conceded that they demonstrated the use in their records.

“We need to demonstrate the expense ahead of time to get the budgetary designation in the coming years. As a matter of fact, no cash has been spent at this point,” he revealed to The Daily Star.

Gotten some information about the assets indicated spent, Tuhin said they sent back the cash to the state exchequer. He likewise asserted every one of the colleges actualize ventures along these lines.

Be that as it may, a delegate enlistment center of Dhaka University, who was engaged with different advancement ventures at the DU in the course of the most recent eight years, can’t help contradicting Tuhin. “I don’t have the foggiest idea how they have done it. We never did as such at Dhaka University. Demonstrating consumption without doing any work is a rupture of principles.”

Inclining toward secrecy, he further stated, “We referenced the real progress in our improvement ventures. We were in every case much ahead in our neutralize the cash discharged.”

Reached yesterday, Ferdous Zaman, chief (arranging and advancement) of the University Grants Commission, said there was no degree for demonstrating use without doing any work. It conflicts with the principles and guidelines of improvement arranging.

“It makes space for debasement,” he said.

“We will keep in touch with the college specialists to know the advancement of the considerable number of segments of the improvement venture. At that point everything will be clear.”

A few authorities of the fund service reverberated the perspectives on the UGC executive and the DU agent enlistment center.

The Tk 105-crore improvement venture, including 23 parts, was taken up in 2014 and should be finished a year ago. Afterward, the task was amended and the cost extended to Tk 255.56 crore, setting a crisp due date of June 2020.

“We would have skimmed delicate for the development of Bangabandhu Mural Complex and Shaheed Minar in two or three days yet development is going on,” Deputy Project Director Tuhin said on Sunday.

On Thursday, when a few thousand understudies began squeezing for the VC’s acquiescence, the college specialists circled a choice to start the development of Bangabandhu Mural Complex and Shaheed Minar in a half year.

“It’s a disgrace that the development of Bangabandhu’s Mural Complex or Shaheed Minar has not begun even in once again eight years of foundation of the college named after Bangabandhu. Be that as it may, the specialists are demonstrating crores of taka spent for this reason,” said an understudy of law division.

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