Prime Minister Theresa May is to officially notify the European Union

Prime Minister Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu could is to formally inform the eu Union next Wednesday that the united kingdom is feat, BBC reports.
Downing Street same she would write a letter to the eu Council, adding that it hoped negotiations on the terms of exit and future relations might then begin as quickly as attainable.
The move comes 9 months when a vote during which the united kingdom voted to depart by a margin of fifty one.9% to 48.1%.
An EU interpreter same it had been “ready and waiting” for the letter.
Under the Article fifty method, talks on the terms of exit and future relations aren’t allowed till the united kingdom formally tells the EU it’s feat.
If all goes per the 2 year negotiations allowed for within the official timetable, Brexit ought to happen in March 2019.
A No ten interpreter same the UK’s Ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow, informed the eu Council, headed by President Donald Tusk, earlier on weekday of the date that Article fifty would be triggered.
Mrs could is anticipated to form an announcement to the House of Commons on Wednesday shortly when invoking Article fifty, coming out her aims.
A interpreter same the govt. desires negotiations to begin as before long as attainable however extra that they “fully appreciate it’s right that the opposite twenty seven EU states have time to agree their position”.
The BBC’s mount Wright same he expected the Article fifty letter to be short, presumably extending to 2 pages at the most, and for Mrs could to use it to publically tell her general objectives – like feat the one market however reaching a mutualist agreement on trade and different problems.

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