Individuals need government to stop, Khaleda liberated: BNP

BNP senior pioneers on Tuesday called upon their gathering heads and activists to prepare for a solid road development to ‘expel’ the current ‘raider’ government and free Khaleda Zia from prison according to the craving of individuals.

Talking at a rally, they blamed the administration for transforming the nation into a ‘nook of club’s and players by pulverizing vote based system and popularity based foundations.

“Awami League government is an enemies of individuals one. They didn’t get chose with individuals’ votes. They’ve wrecked every one of the accomplishments of the nation. The nation is currently under the grasp of players and marauders,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

He further stated, “Individuals presently need the legislature to stop and Khaleda Zia to be liberated. The nation’s sway will be in question if the present government remains in power for quite a while. Thus, prepare for a development. We’ll report programs in the days to come.”

Sylhet city unit BNP masterminded the rally in the Registry Field here requesting the arrival of BNP executive Khaleda Zia.

Fakhrul said the administration fears individuals as it has been in power wrongfully by falling back on ‘vote burglary’ the night prior to the national political race.

He said the legislature is currently ‘utilizing’ the organization, police and the legal executive to cling to control in the wake of obliterating all the just foundations of the nation. “They (govt) regularly guarantee that Bangladesh has turned into a good example of improvement. It has turned out to be such a good example, that gambling clubs are presently all over the place.”

The BNP pioneer said their director Khaleda Zia has been kept in prison in ‘false and manufactured’ cases as she didn’t get equity. “Be that as it may, the decision party pioneers are redirecting a huge number of crores of taka abroad through ravaging, yet they’re not being put on preliminary.”

He said the administration made more than 500 resistance pioneers and activists, including BNP pioneer M Ilias Alai, vanished and embroiled more than 26 lakh individuals in various false cases to stifle its political adversaries.

BNP standing board of trustees part Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said the present government is a ‘system of bandits, scoundrels, malcontents and looters, not that of individuals. “They’re transforming the nation into a bombed state with their offenses and mismanagement.”

Alluding to the ongoing drive against gambling clubs and unlawful business, he said the dark felines of the legislature are turning out from the sack, uncovering how they ‘plundered’ open cash.

He called upon individuals to prepare for pursuing a solid development to reestablish majority rules system and free Khaleda Zia from prison guaranteeing the fall of the present government.

BNP standing board part Moudud Ahmed said Awami League government is an ‘illegal’ one as it isn’t chosen with individuals’ votes.

He said the decision party men are including in ravaging, coercion and different offenses as the legislature has no responsibility to individuals. “Defilement has spread wherever as the legislature has no influence over the state organs. The administration ought to stop at the present time.”

Asserting that Khaleda was sentenced in ‘false’ cases, he said a road development is the best way to have her discharged from prison. “In this way, we should rampage to reestablish majority rule government and free Khaleda Zia.”

BNP standing board of trustees part Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said Khaleda Zia won’t be liberated from prison as long as the present government remains control, “Along these lines, we should expel this system to guarantee the arrival of Khaleda Zia and make ready for safe homecoming of Tarique Rahman.”

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