Vaults of disgusting wealth

In the midst of the clampdown on betting, Rab individuals got a tip that five vaults were sold from English Road territory as of late and the purchaser is a top gambling club representative. The tip drove the tip top power to three houses at Banianagar and Narinda in Old Dhaka.

In the resulting strike yesterday, Rab discovered Tk 5.05 crore in real money, around 8.5kgs of gold worth Tk 4 crore and six guns reserved in five vaults in those houses.

Rab said Dhaka Wanderers Club’s gambling club investor Enamul Haque Enu and his sibling Rupon Bhuiyan possess the cash, gold and guns.

Enamul is Gendaria Thana Awami League VP and his sibling Rupon is the joint general secretary of the unit.

Enamul purchased the gold as the five vaults had no more space to keep the returns from the gambling club activity, Rab said.

Neither one of the brothers was at home during the attack.

“Enamul’s significant other is giving us deceiving data about her better half. She said her significant other went to Thailand two months back, yet we have data they met a couple of days prior,” Rab-3 Commanding Officer Shafiullah Bulbul told columnists after the attack.

Enamul’s family asserted the guns are authorized.

The boss said Enamul had been carrying the benefit from his gambling club to the Banianagar house for the last one and a half years. But since such measure of cash requires a great deal of room, he began purchasing gold decorations.

Together, the two siblings possess 15 houses, and they utilized their guns to threaten individuals in the zone, said the Rab-3 boss.

Casually dressed Rab individuals encompassed their six-story working at Banianagar in Sutrapur around 11:30am yesterday.

Later they assaulted two lofts on the first and the fourth floors and discovered three vaults there.

The vaults were reserved with Tk 1.05 crore in real money, 730 tolas of gold decorations (about 8.5kgs) and five guns – two guns, one shotgun and two compressed air firearms.

Rupon’s brother by marriage Mohammad Apu lives with his family on the primary floor. Enamul frequently lives in the fourth-floor loft of the structure with his family.

Enamul’s significant other Sathi, who passes by just one name, said Rab discovered nothing in their condo. Whatever they found was in the primary floor loft, she guaranteed.

Around 3:00pm, Rab individuals went to the place of Enamul’s representative Abul Kalam at Narinda in Dholaikhal, around a large portion of a kilometer off Enamul’s home.

The Rab individuals found a vault there reserved with Tk 2 crore and a gun inside.

Kalam’s girl, matured around 25, said her dad filled in as a representative at a development materials supply shop of Enamul throughout the previous one year.

She said that on September 21, Enamul carried the vault to their home and requested that her dad keep it in their home. Enamul just said the vault contained Tk 2 crore. He didn’t utter a word about the gun.

“We mentioned Enamul not to keep the vault in our home. In any case, at long last, we needed to give in as he is my dad’s manager and a persuasive man,” she disclosed to The Daily Star after the assault.

Gotten some information about her dad’s whereabouts, she said he left home for Fazr supplications and didn’t return.

Afterward, the Rab individuals attacked the place of a man named Harun, Enamul’s companion, on Sarath Gupta Road in Narinda and recouped around Tk 2 crore from a vault.

Local people said the two siblings had been hanging their publications all around the area for the last six to seven months, gloating about their connection with the Awami League.

At the point when the two siblings would move around the territory, six to seven Jubo League men would go with them. They likewise conveyed arms some of the time, as indicated by local people.

Just 15 years prior, Enamul and Rupon had a little machine workshop on Nawabpur Road in the old town.

The Rab-3 CO said their drive on any type of illicit betting will proceed.

The first class power began the drive against illicit club, bars and spa fixates on September 19 and right now captured Dhaka city South Jubo League Organizing Secretary Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, development head honcho SM Golam Kibria Shamim and AL pioneer and Kalabagan Krirachakra president Shafiqul Alam Firoz.

During the drive, around 200 others were captured while a portion of the gambling clubs were closed.

In the mean time, police sources yesterday said they followed two of the three individuals who went to a loft in the capital’s Segunbagicha where 15 Nepalis associated with gambling clubs lived.

Investigating the video film, the law masters came to realize that the one seen with a walkie-talkie is an associate developer of a knowledge office while another is a constable of a similar organization.

The recording demonstrated that three casually dressed men entered the structure – Summit Hasan Lodge, where the Nepalis were living – at 10:48pm last Wednesday, presenting themselves as police officers.

Some time later, the three left the structure with a pack. Before long, the 15 Nepalis likewise turned out and after that sought total isolation.

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