How a company came to dominate search

“Dad, what happens once you die?” “I do not know, son. no one is aware of of course.” “Why do not you raise Google?”
Of course, Google is not clever enough to inform America whether or not there’s life once death, however the word “google” will take place in speech communication a lot of typically than either “clever” or “death”, in step with researchers at the UK’s University of Lancaster.
It took simply 20 years for Google to succeed in this cultural omnipresence, from its humble beginnings as a student project at Stanford University in Golden State.
It is arduous to recollect simply however dangerous search technology was before Google. In 1998, as an example, if you typewritten “cars” into Lycos – then a number one programme – you’d get a results page stuffed with pornography websites.
Why? homeowners of pornography websites inserted several mentions of fashionable search terms like “cars” in small text or in white on a white background.

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