‘IS lady Shamima Begum can stay away for the indefinite future to UK’

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has said Islamic State lady Shamima Begum will never be permitted to come back to the nation.

Begum, who fled UK to join the dread gathering with two school companions in 2015, has asked to be permitted back in Britain for treatment after each of the three of her youngsters passed on in Syria.

Be that as it may, Ms Patel said there was “no chance” she could return and it was “very consoling” to see the 19-year-old still in the war-torn nation.

“Our main responsibility is to protect our nation,” the home secretary told the Sun on Sunday.

“We can’t have individuals who might do us damage permitted to enter our nation – and that incorporates this lady.

“All that I find regarding security and insight, I am basically not willing to permit anyone who has been a functioning supporter or campaigner of IS in this nation.”

Ms Patel included that she will “quit goldplating” the UK’s universal commitments and “imperiling the British open simultaneously”.

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