Reshuffle in DMP: Seven out of 50 OCs moved

In a noteworthy reshuffle in the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, seven out of 50 OCs were moved yesterday.

Of them, four were presented on other police headquarters and three to the Detective Branch of DMP.

Plus, four investigators (examination) of the same number of police headquarters were made official responsible for four other police headquarters.

The DMP base camp made the move in the midst of a progressing hostile to betting drive which prompted surfacing of a claim that some field level police authorities belittled card sharks.

In addition, there were protests that a segment of DMP authorities had been releasing their obligations as OCs at various police headquarters for quite a long time.

Conversing with The Daily Star on state of obscurity, an extra appointee chief of DMP stated, “Some agent magistrates of DMP were as of late made SPs of various regions. Some OCs have joins with persuasive individuals and the specialists could scarcely move them to workplaces outside police headquarters.”

He said the reshuffle was a decent move to guarantee better help at the police headquarters.

Recently, Motijheel OC Omar Faruk was moved to DB (north). He was supplanted by Kalabagan OC Yeasin Arafat Khan.

During the continuous enemy of betting drive, the law authorities found that six clubs in the city’s Motijheel zone had been running betting organizations for quite a while.

Poritosh Chandra, auditor (examination) of Uttara East Police, was made the OC of Kalabagan Police Station.

Mirpur OC Dadan Fakir was supplanted by Khilkhet OC Mostazirur Rahman. Dadan was moved to DB (south) while Borhan Uddin, examiner (examination) of Banani Police Station, was moved to Khilkhet Police Station as OC.

Shyampur OC Mizanur Rahman was presented on Kotwali Police Station while active Kotwali OC Shahidur Rahman was moved to DB (west). Mofizul Alam, examiner (examination) of Sabuzbagh Police Station, was made the OC of Shyampur Police Station.

Bhatara OC Abu Bakar Siddique was moved to Paltan Police Station. Paltan OC Mahmudul Haque was suspended on Monday over an assault charge.

Moktaruzzaman, overseer (examination) of Airport Police Station, was made the OC of Bhatara Police Station.

Prior on September 15, DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam during his first instructions to media communicated disappointment over the administration at police headquarters and said he would assume control over the obligations of OC if the administration didn’t improve.

He additionally guided senior DMP authorities to begin releasing their obligations at police headquarters whenever wanted changes didn’t occur there.

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