Huji was being redesigned

A top chief of Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islam Bangladesh was endeavoring to rearrange the prohibited outfit in the wake of coming back from Dubai, said CTTC authorities in the wake of capturing him and two others yesterday.

They were attempting to take their departing suddenly individuals back to the Islamist outfit and was in contact with relatives of detained Huji pioneers, the authorities of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit said.

They expected to run their exercises with a NGO as a front, authorities who examined them stated, including that a Malaysian staggered promoting organization’s flag was to be utilized.

Afghan-war returnee Md Atikullah moniker Asadullah assumed name Julfiqar, 49, came to Bangladesh from Dubai in March, specialists stated, including that they kept him at Khilgaon alongside Nazim Uddin false name Shamim, 43, secretary of the outfit’s Dhaka city south, and Md Borhan Uddin, 45, responsible for the outfit’s Feni, following a tip off.

Julfiqar is accountable for worldwide relations of Huji, authorities asserted.

Saiful Islam, agent magistrate of CTTC, disclosed to The Daily Star that they had data that Huji men assembled at a play area almost a mosque in Khilgaon to have a mystery meeting.

Four different individuals, be that as it may, figured out how to escape during their capture drive.

He said they gathered data from the arrestees about Huji men on the run and were examining those.

The arrestees during essential cross examination conceded that they were engaged with Huji and were attempting to revamp the outfit, Saiful said.

Huji was propelled in a public interview in Dhaka on April 30, 1992, by various returnees of the Afghan war.

Exercises of Huji turned out to be less predominant after the 2004 explosives assault on an Awami League rally, sources in law authorization said asking not to be named.

Be that as it may, it seemed dynamic until 2009.

Prior to 2004, the outfit was discovered in charge of at any rate 18 explosive and bomb assaults, the first was the 1999 assault on a Udichi program in Jashore.

The administration prohibited the activist gathering on October 17, 2005.

Agents said Julfiqar fled the nation in 2006 during an enemy of militancy crackdown following Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh’s bomb assaults in 2005.

He was Huji’s focal board of trustees’ arranging secretary in 1996. At that point Huji president Mawlana Abdus Salam and Secretary Sheik Farid are currently in prison.

As per the primary data report (FIR), recorded with Khilgaon Police Station following yesterday’s captures, the arrestees were attempting to make newcomers by connecting with slipping away and confined Huji.

Julfiqar had joins with outside activists, an authority said.

Gatherings were held in Dhaka, Chattogram and Feni, said a high official of CTTC, mentioning secrecy.

A CTTC official who examined Julfiqar said he went to Afghanistan with a 42-part group from a Pakistani madrasa. He purportedly had gatherings with most needed aggressors in Afghanistan.

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