Meet the proprietor of Uttara division 4!

On the off chance that you need to visit Sector-4 of the capital’s Uttara by your vehicle, from one month from now you should have your vehicle enrolled with a nearby mortgage holders’ relationship by paying Tk 500 for one year.

Odd as it might sound, the Uttara Kalyan Samity Sector-4 will force this confinement.

The Samity gave a letter in such manner around 10 days back to every one of the occupants, instructive organizations and business foundations in the part, one of twelve in the Uttara Model Town, working up disdain among local people.

The September 24 letter, marked by Samity’s General Secretary Kamal Hossain, peruses that a vehicle must be enlisted with it and acquire a sticker for Tk 500 to enter the area.

Consistently, every one of the vehicles planning to enter Sector-4 would be exposed to checking by the general public’s staff, and from one month from now, no vehicle will be permitted in the territory without the sticker, it says.

To get the enrollment, a proprietor needs to furnish the general public with data like name and address, cell phone number and subtleties of vehicle, among others, as per the general public’s vehicle “enlistment structure”.

Conversing with The Daily Star, various occupants and standard guests said a private affiliation doesn’t hold any lawful power to acknowledge cash from vehicle proprietors and force limitation on vehicular development.

Just law authorization offices and an assigned authority can manage, limit and order open vehicular development, they said. Every one of them favored not to be named dreading response from the affiliation.

“The move is absurd; it will rather cause traffic block and bedlam,” said the dad of a fifth grader of a school in the region.

The letter has been given to all the 26 instructive foundations and all the business foundations and workplaces in the region requesting that they acquire the stickers from the general public.

It was served for the sake of North City Corporation Mayor Atiqul Islam and nearby police organization.

Prabir Kumar Roy, appointee magistrate of North Division (Traffic), Dhaka Metropolitan Police, notwithstanding, stated, “We have no learning of any such move. The streets have a place with the legislature and individuals reserve each option to move there openly.”

The general public doesn’t have the authority either to force enlistment for vehicles or acknowledge cash for stickers, he said. “It won’t be legal with respect to a private society to limit open vehicular development.”

Prabir noted it is the purview of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). The general public could have looked for police help had there been any traffic disciplinary issue, he included.

As per the Samity’s office bearers, the whole Uttara division 4 is now secured by CCTV reconnaissance as a safety effort and soon 100 additional cameras will be set up.

Major (retd) Anisur Rahman, leader of the general public, said different business foundations, workplaces, schools and even lodgings are worked in the private properties in their neighborhood, bringing about unmanageable traffic.

“We simply need to limit those vehicles without society sticker in the region however this measure won’t resolve the annoyance penny percent,” he said.

“We’ve kept in touch with the Rajuk and the city enterprise on numerous occasions about unapproved business utilization of private properties yet without much of any result.”

“We are attempting to address the issue our direction,” he stated, answering to a question that radical decrease in nature of private life because of persevering commercialisation in any area is a typical marvel the whole way across Dhaka city.

Asked whether a private affiliation like his has legitimate power to force enrollment, acknowledge cash and limit open vehicular minute, Anisur stated, “No.”

About the vehicular limitation from one month from now, he stated, “It has not been fitting to have composed it along these lines.”

On the basis of acknowledging Tk 500 from each vehicle for every year, he said it is on the grounds that the execution of confining vehicular development in the territory will require extra labor.

Regarding whether they acquired the city hall leader’s underwriting for their turn, Anisur Rahman said they educated him regarding it verbally yet there is no proper assent from the chairman’s office.

Md Lokman Hossain Mollah, BRTA chief for designing, stated, “The general public, best case scenario can gather membership from its individuals yet it can not the slightest bit confine vehicular development on open streets nor can force enlistment or acknowledge cash keeping that in mind.”

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