Casting a ballot in Rangpur – 3 by-political race in progress

Casting a ballot in the by-surveys to Rangpur – 3 body electorate, which fell empty after the demise of Jatiya Party director HM Ershad, is advancing in a tranquil way.

The surveying that began around 9:00 am on Saturday will proceed till 5:00 pm with no break.

The voting demographic has 442,072 voters – 221,310 men and 220,762 ladies.

Six applicants are competing for the seat however voters state it will be a nearby challenge among Jatiya Party’s Rahgir Al Mahi nom de plume Saad Ershad, BNP’s Rita Rahman and autonomous competitor Hossain Mokbul Shahriar Asif.

Different contenders are – NPP’s Shafiul Alam (mango), Gano Front’s Kazi M Shahidullah Bayazid (fish) and Khelafat Majlish’s Towhidur Rahman Mandal (divider clock).

The decision Awami League pulled back its applicant on the side of the Jatiya Party contender.

The EC has recognized 49 out of the complete 175 surveying focuses as significant ones.

The specialists have taken a four-level safety effort. Eighteen detachments of Border Guard Bangladesh, 20 groups of Rapid Action Battalion, 30,00 police and Ansar individuals, 18 official judges and four legal justices are in the field to keep up peace, and guarantee security and fight off any endeavor to make untoward episode.

A sum of 3,244 political decision authorities, including 175 managing officials, 1,023 right hand directing officials and 2,046 surveying officials, are leading the democratic.

Removed military tyrant HM Ershad kicked the bucket on July 14. The EC reported calendar for the by-surveys on September 1.

The EC has a protected commitment to finish the by-surveys inside 90 days after it falls empty.

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