Thousands stranded on the Padma

With her two youngsters, Momtaz Begum were set out toward Magura from Dhaka on Friday. By dusk she came to Paturia Ghat, yet she needed to go through the night inside the transport since ship administrations were intensely disturbed on Paturia-Daulatdia course because of solid flows in the Padma River.

Just about 24 hours after the fact, she fortunately figured out how to jump on one of the three ships that had the option to proceed with activity in the uneven water.

“How might I depict the sufferings I suffered alongside my kids? Looking out for the road is extremely hard for anybody, particularly for ladies and youngsters,” Momtaz disclosed to The Daily Star before boarding the ship around 3:00pm yesterday.

Like her, several individuals going in excess of 50 transports and 300 trucks were trapped in the gridlock on the different sides of the waterway – at Paturia and Daulatdia – as the specialists had to decrease the quantity of ships in activity.

The circumstance especially influenced the Hindu individuals heading home for Durga Puja.

Sixteen ships work on Paturia-Daulatdia course, however 13 of them must be tied down at the ghats around 11:00am yesterday, as per our Manikganj reporter.

“Just three ships figured out how to proceed with administration as the 13 others were old and incapable to cruise through substantial flows,” said Mohiuddin Rasel, associate administrator (business) of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA).

In the interim, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Daulatdia Ghat have been washed away into the waterway, as indicated by BIWTA authorities.

The disturbance in ship administrations hit hard the truckers too.

“We came to Paturia Ghat on Wednesday evening. We don’t have the foggiest idea when we could cross the stream. My assistant and I are starving since I have no cash presently to purchase nourishment,” truck driver Gowhor Ali revealed to The Daily Star on Saturday evening.

Notwithstanding ships, BIWTA likewise suspended dispatch benefits on Friday to stay away from mishaps, said Faridul Islam, representative chief (Aricha district) of BIWTA.

The Padma began expanding and having solid flows a couple of days back after downpours and India opening all doors at Farakka.

To improve open sufferings, Manikganj police has encouraged all vehicles including transports and trucks to keep away from Paturia-Daulatdia course for the following couple of days, said a notice marked by Rifat Rahman Shamim, director of police in Manikganj.

During a visit yesterday, our neighborhood journalist saw an overwhelming gridlock at both Paturia and Daulatdia terminals. Around 50 transports and 300 trucks were stuck at the two ghats and were standing by to cross the waterway, making monstrous sufferings explorers.


In the interim, Benapole movement check post is seeing a substantial surge of voyagers to and from India, stamping Durga Puja.

Refering to migration officials in Benapole, our Benapole journalist detailed that approximately 20,000 Bangladeshis have entered India by means of Benapole check post over the most recent two days.

“A huge number of Hindu individuals are going to India to observe Durga Puja. Indians are additionally coming to Bangladesh,” said Mohsin Khan Pathan, official responsible for Benapole check point migration police.

With individuals hanging tight for five to six hours in long lines each day, extra labor were conveyed at the check post to handle the hurry.

Ladies, youngsters, the older and patients were enduring most. Outside the terminal, travelers likewise endured because of absence of bathroom offices.

In the mean time, police captured six visa specialists in the check post zone yesterday evening. A day sooner, 10 different intermediaries were captured however they got liberated around evening time subsequent to giving endeavors.

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