Saad Ershad wins his dad’s seat

HM Ershad’s child Rahgir Al Mahi Saad Ershad won the by-surveys in Rangpur-3 voting public yesterday, as per informal outcomes.

He packed away 58,878 votes while his closest opponent BNP’s Rita Rahman verified 16,947 votes, the outcomes demonstrated the previous evening.

Free competitor Shahriar Asif, Ershad’s nephew who was ousted from the JP for breaking gathering discipline, packed away 14,984 votes while Kazi Mohammad Shahidullah of Gono Front got 1,662.

Upwards of 924 individuals decided in favor of Touhidur Rahman Mondal of Khelafat Majlish and 611 for Shafiul Alam of National People’s Party, the outcomes appeared.

Prior in the day, the democratic began at 9:00am and proceeded till 4:00pm.

An aggregate of 94,006 out of 4,41,224 voters cast their voting forms at 175 focuses.

Returning Officer GM Sahatab Uddin said the turnout was 21.30 percent.

Casting a ballot was tranquil as there was no reports of any savagery.

The Daily Star journalist visited 15 focuses and came to gain from directing officials that the turnout was around 12 percent till 2:00pm.

No long line of voters was seen at any of the focuses.

The focuses included ones at Begum Rokeya College, Radhaballab Government Primary School, Collectorate School and College, Tozammel Hossain Memorial Shishumongal Government Primary School, Dedaba Jamalia Government Primary School, Borobari Government Primary School and Jaheda Khatun Girls School.

The turnout at Dedaba Jamalia Government Primary School focus was 12 percent till 2:00pm, said Presiding Officer Md Azizar Rahman.

At the inside at Government Begum Rokeya College, just 223 out of 2,011 voters cast their votes, said Presiding Officer Kamal Pasha, including that the turnout there was 11.08 percent.

Rangpur-3 body electorate fell empty after JP Chairman HM Ershad passed on July 14.

Rangpur is known as a fortification of the JP. Ershad moved toward becoming administrator from that point in the national decisions in 1991, 2008, 2014, 2018.

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