No important file lost over Bangladesh Bank Fire

Dhaka: The fire incident at Bangladesh Bank damaged only equipments worth Tk 80 lakh but no “important file” was lost in the fire.

Executive director and spokesman of Bangladesh Bank Suvankar Saha said this at a press briefing at the central bank on Wednesday without giving any details of the damage. He also declined to say anything about the possible cause of the fire.

Referring to the analysis of the BB investigation committee, he said the committee found no important file was damaged or burnt in the fire that broke out on the 13th floor at 9:30 pm on March 23.

He said Fire Service Department’s inquiry committee is responsible to identify the cause of the fire.

In a nearly five minute-briefing, he said the investigation committee of the central bank headed by its executive director Ahmed Zaman found a burnt electric tea kettle inside the room at the 13th floor from where the fire broke out.

The committee gave a number of recommendations to prevent any such incident which include not allowing use of risky electric appliances in the office room, after office hour shout down of all electricity circuits, appointment of a fire safety officer and thorough analysis of electric networks at Bangladesh Bank.

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