BCL chased “Chhatra Dal” at JU

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon, JU correspondent

Jahangirnagar University Branch Chhatra Dal has staged a protest march demanding the trial of the murderers of Abrar Fahad today at the university campus.

On Wednesday, October 9, at about 10am, the procession began from the main entrance of the university.

Later, the procession took place at the university’s Amar Ekush sculpture premises and a short rally was held there.

At that time, Chhatra Dal leaders and activists were chased by Branch Chhatra League leader Mahbubul Haque Rafa and his fellows.

BCL leaders has tried to snatch the placards and banners from the protesters and chased them with sticks. Then the protesters has left the campus without any reaction.

Why did not the Chhatra Dal resist? In response to such question, Abdul Rahim Saikat, general secretary of Bangladesh Nationalist Chhatra Dal JU branch said, “We have staged a rally demanding exemplary punishment for the murderers of Abrar and the co-existence of the students organization on campus. It is not just our demand, it is the demand of all youth over the country. With this demand, the Chhatra League could also announce a unification. This would increase their acceptability to the general public. It will be proved that they aren`t providing shelter to the guilty. But they did not do so, and they have taken sides with the murderers by sticking to our logic.”

“Such behave from the Chhatra League on such logical claim means encouraging Abrar’s killers and gifting the bodies of such new Abrar Fahads on campus. If our leaders wanted to take action in this regard, they could have given them a collective response today. But we want political qualitative change. Ordinary people expect intellectual politics from student leaders. We urge the Chhatra League to stand for the proper justice of the murderers.”

Mentionable, Bangladesh Nationalist Chhatra Dal has left JU campus long ago and they has demanded co-existence of all political students organization several times to the university authority. But no effective change has seen.