JU students accused over mugging

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon, JU correspondent

Ashulia police have arrested two students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) with another one on drug charges.

The arrestees are Ajimussan Nawroj Pranoy and Biplob Hossain, they are the activist Mir Mosarrof Hossain hall unit BCL and branch president Jewel Rana`s fellows.

On Wednesday, Octobor 10, at around 12am Mahmudul Hasan Anik, resident of Mir Mosarrof Hossain Hall and another Anik of Ambangan area adjacent to the university were burgeoning for their share in drug business.

In this regard, Anik,(JU student) called two of his friends on the adjacent Dhaka-Aricha highway road. In the meantime, the police escaped Pranoy,Biplob and Anik (drug agent) while Anik (JU student) decamp from the spot.

Upon receiving the news of the arrest, Acting Proctor ASM Firoz-ul-Hassan went to the spot. But he have been accused of releasing these two BCL activists from the police after negotiating with the BCL under pressure.

When contacted, the acting Proctor A. S M Firoz-ul-Hasan said, “The incident took place on Wednesday night around 12 am. I think they were arguing with drug money sharing. Police arrested them at that time.”

Meanwhile, sources say, the activists of BCL, Mir Masharraf Hossain Hall unit pressured Proctor to release the two BCL activists. At that time, they threatened to block Dhaka-Aricha highway. Later, Proctor negotiated and rescued them.

Asked about the allegations of releasing the detainees, he said, “Police handed over the extermination to his guardians and the two students to the university’s proctorial team because they did not have drug involvement evidence.”

Branch president Jewel Rana said, “I have heard the matter from Proctor. This is a personal allegation. He should be accused over his own pursuit. I’ll talk to them.”

Meanwhile, sources confirmed that Savar police station, Ashulia police station and Savar highway police were present during the incident. But no one in charge of the police station agreed to say in this allegation.