Bosnia’s woman in red designs for the hereafter

Zorica Rebernik has gone through her time on earth in red and plans to remain as such – even after she kicks the bucket.

Following four decades dressing in the shading from head to toe, the 67-year-old Bosnian has had headstones made for herself and spouse Zoran – whom she wedded wearing a red outfit – from an uncommon red rock imported from India.

The resigned teacher lives in a red house, where she and Zoran eat from red plates, drink from red glasses and rest in red sheet material. Indeed, even her hair is colored red.

“At the point when I turned 18 or 19 there came an unexpected, compelling impulse to don red,” Rebernik told Reuters. “There must not be a solitary speck of some other shading on my home adornments or garments.”

Wearing shades like red and vermillion gives her “the sentiment of solidarity and power”.

Rebernik’s fixation on the shading has made her a neighborhood big name in the place where she grew up of Breze, near Tuzla in northern Bosnia.

“Everyone knows me. When individuals see me, they offer me distinctive red things,” she stated, including that she would dismiss any blessing that was not red, regardless of how valuable.

She even goes to memorial services wearing red, shunning customary dark.

The main issue is that her significant other doesn’t see when Zorica wears something new. “I can’t differentiate. Everything is the equivalent,” he said.

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