BNP pioneer Harunur Rashid imprisoned for a long time for evading charge

A Dhaka court has imprisoned BNP pioneer Harunur Rashid for a long time for getting a charge out of the benefit of bringing in a vehicle without charge as an individual from parliament and selling the vehicle later in a rupture of standards.

An assessment avoiding case was documented by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Judge Shaikh Nazmul Alam conveyed the decision on Monday.

The court likewise fined Rashid Tk 500,000. The judge additionally condemned previous Channel 9 Managing Director Enayetur Rahman Bappi to two years in jail and fined him Tk 100,000 in a similar case.

Vehicle merchant Ishtiak Sadek was additionally imprisoned for a long time and fined Tk 4 million.

During the decision, Rashid was in the dock while the lay two were on the run.

During the residency of the BNP-drove four-party partnership, the then legislator Rashid imported the vehicle getting a charge out of the tax-exempt office and offered it to the vehicle dealer Sadek, who later exchanged it to Bappi.

The counter join guard dog recorded the body of evidence against the three with the Dhaka’s Tejgaon Police Station on Mar 17, 2007.

After an examination, it squeezed charges against them on July 18 of that year. Tolerating the charges, the court began the preliminary on Aug 20, 2007.

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