16,000 undistributed books appropriated from school storeroom

A RAB versatile court has appropriated 16,000 books implied with the expectation of complimentary dispersion from a storeroom in Postogola Bhasha Prodeep High School.

The activity was directed from 11pm on Tuesday to 2am on Wednesday in the foundation, said RAB’s Executive Magistrate Nizamuddin Ahmed.

The school got a bigger number of books than would normally be appropriate contrasted with the quantity of its understudies, said RAB-10 Deputy Captain Major Shahriar Ziaur Rahman. Just about 25,000 books were left undistributed, he said.

“Books should be come back to the board if not conveyed. Be that as it may, that was not the situation here. We have discovered a supply of very nearly 16,000 books in the school’s storeroom.”

Local people have claimed that the school specialists were selling the books at the pace of kilograms. They were trapped in the demonstration of moving the books enveloped by polythene from the school in a van on Oct 19 by local people.

RAB then led an attack dependent on the charges.

When gotten some information about the issue, the school’s headmistress Afsana Mirza told journalists, “The facts confirm that there have been inconsistencies. I admit to my bad behavior.”

The books will be given over to the region training official, Magistrate Nizamuddin said. The whole issue will be examined. We will suggest departmental activity against the individuals who are answerable for the episode.”

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