Mish-Jayed board scopes Film Artistes’ Association’s political race

Misha Saudagar and Jayed Khan’s board won the Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Samiti political race clearing the majority of the official posts on Friday’s biennial political decision.

Misha Saudagar and Jayed Khan have been chosen again as President And General Secretary of the association individually.

After the closure of the vote at 5:30 pm, the outcome was declared at 1:45 am (Friday night) on early Saturday.

Misha Saudagar was chosen as the president sacking 227 votes. His closest candidate on-screen character Moushumi got 125 votes.

Then again, Jayed Khan woned the General Secretary post getting 284 votes. His closest challenger Elias Cobra got just 68 votes.

Monowar Hossain Dipjol and on-screen character Rubel won the posts of VP sacking 311 and 293 votes separately.

As per Election Commission sources, among 449 voters a sum of 386 voters practiced their establishment to choose the new official panel for the 2019-20 time frame.

The democratic started at 8:00 am at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) and proceeded until 5:30 pm however it was planned to complete at 5:00 pm.

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