Strike at JU: rejected by VC leaning Teachers-Students

Shahadat Sumon, JU Correspondent

Agitating teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) on Monday besieged two administrative buildings of the university for the third consecutive day demanding resignation of Vice Chancellor Prof. Farzana Islam over allegation of her involvement with corruption.

As a part of ongoing movement against VC, teachers and students of different department took place in front of new and old administrative buildings under the banner of “Jahangirnagar Against Corruption” around 8.00 am and continued demonstration till 4.00 pm.

Agitating students arranged a protest march demanding VC`s removal

Earlier, teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University who were demanding removal of vice-chancellor Farzana Islam formed ‘VC Removal Mancho’ on Sunday amid their on-going strike at the campus.

Protesters said that they are no longer accepting Prof. Farzana Islam as Vice Chancellor accusing her involvement with financial scandal. Therefore, they will not allow the VC to do any administrative work. They blocked two administrative buildings so that VC cannot enter there to perform daily activities.

Professor Jamal Uddin Runu, a professor of Environmental Sciences, said, “We will continue the movement till the removal of the Vice Chancellor. We will continue our logical movement until we get the claim. Apart from the special interest groups of the university, no teacher-student wants their guardian (vice-chancellor) to be corrupt. That’s why the removal of the Vice-Chancellor is important.”

Most of the scheduled classes and examination did not hold for the blockade of the faculty and department building. The agitators took a stand at the entrance to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Students have been shown to block from entering even though Teachers are allowed to enter. However, some teachers who supported the vice-chancellor were also reported to have taken classes while ignoring the agitation.
Professor Arifa Sultana, president of the History Department, has taken a tutorial test at the foot of the Central Shaheed Minar because he could not enter the building due to the strike.

Professor Arifa Sultana is taking a tutorial exam at central Shaheed MInar

But the department of Sharif Enamul Kabir, who is said to be a leader behind the scenes of the movement has arranged the scheduled class and exam today.
“The administrative and academic activities of the university were halted due to the strike.” Claimed the general secretary of “Bangabandhu Teachers Council”, Bashir Ahmed.

He called on the agitators to resolve the problem with discussion and disrupting the personal interests.

The students wing of the ruling party, BCL JU unit has seen taking side of the university administration in the ongoing movement. They raised the fact of Shibir involvement in the ongoing movement and the rapacity of getting the post of VC of the protesting teachers.

On the other hand, JU unit BCL through a press release signed by its president Jewel Rana urged the protestors to keep congenial atmosphere at the campus and keep the classes and examination free from their movement.

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