BRTA out of its profundity

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) in January 2013 made its greatest enlistment lately, 149 individuals, including 50 vehicle monitors.

The nation had around 18.50 lakh enlisted vehicles in those days.

About seven years after the fact, the number has shot up to around 42 lakh yet the BRTA could just enlist 19 individuals during that time and just one of them was a vehicle auditor.

Presently, 109 vehicle controllers are battling to manage wellness of all vehicles in the nation. Last monetary year, with the assistance of 86 mechanical associates, they checked wellness of 6.47 lakh vehicles.

“The manner in which the quantity of vehicles is expanding in the nation over the most recent quite a long while, we need at any rate 1,000 overseers to finish the activity appropriately,” said a BRTA official. The BRTA just has 125 vehicle reviewer posts.

The auditors are constantly under strain and the nature of investigations gets traded off frequently because of the weight. Over this, the shortage of vehicle reviewers, cause administration searchers to sit tight quite a while for wellness authentications.

Be that as it may, things will deteriorate in the coming days as the “no wellness, no fuel” measure is probably going to become effective sending a huge number of unfit vehicles to the BRTA looking for wellness testaments.

The BRTA has 708 representatives now against an endorsed post of 823. It has been approaching street transport and scaffolds service for more individuals since 2016, however without much of any result.

Circumstance TO WORSEN

Observing a suo moto rule of the High Court, the BRTA set a report before it in July, expressing that 4.79 lakh vehicles without legitimate wellness endorsements were on the streets.

Among August and September, around 89,000 vehicles had their wellness authentication reestablished.

On October 23, the court coordinated the specialists worried to make important strides so vehicles without legitimate wellness records don’t get fuel from any filling station. The specialists are yet to get the ensured duplicate of the court request.

When the mandate is executed, numerous vehicle proprietors would hurry to the BRTA workplaces to get their wellness archives refreshed, as they had done when law masters escalated drives after the understudy disturbance for street wellbeing a year ago, a BRTA authority said.


Built up in 1987, the BRTA manages vehicle enlistments, giving and reestablishing of driving licenses, wellness of vehicles, and course grant for business vehicles through its 57 area and five metro workplaces.

Lately, the quantity of vehicles, predominantly cruiser and autos, saw an immense ascent. In any case, the BRTA’s labor has stayed nearly the equivalent.

The BRTA Mirpur office has 18 vehicle controllers however just six of them consistently work for checking wellness of vehicles at the workplace. The rest are normally connected with versatile courts and other work, including issuance of driving licenses.

An overseer, with the assistance of helpers, should check 59 components of each vehicle. The investigator needs to do this in around three minutes on a moderate day.

The review of a vehicle should take 30 minutes, transport master Prof Moazzem Hossain said.

A reviewer looking for obscurity stated, “We [six inspectors] check wellness of 800 to 900 vehicles every day in typical time while 1,300 to 1,400 in surge time. In surge time, three investigators [who work with versatile courts] go along with us.”

Asked how only six examiners check 800 to 900 vehicles per day, a BRTA executive stated, “Our assessor can’t check all components. They check significant components including security issues.”

BRTA has just a single Vehicle Inspection Center (VIC) at the Mirpur office to check a few components carefully and around 100 business vehicles (transport and trucks) are tried there consistently.

Different vehicles must be checked physically, which specialists said could bargain wellbeing as it leaves space for control and abnormalities. A mechanized framework can get definite execution information of a vehicle’s key wellbeing highlights like headlights, brakes, and speed capacities, which is practically difficult to do physically, they said.

Prof Moazzem, likewise a previous executive of Accident Research Institute at Buet, said the authority is taking cash from vehicle proprietors however doesn’t check vehicles appropriately.

“This is swindling,” he said.

Because of the absence of labor, individuals are enduring and inappropriate review neglects to distinguish security issues, he said.

“Therefore, individuals frequently feel disheartened to have their vehicles’ tried and this is a purpose for the enormous number of vehicles without wellness reports,” he said.

Sources said some deceitful individuals at the BRTA, exploiting the circumstance, are giving proprietors wellness testaments without having the vehicles checked for cash.

Conceivable WAY OUTS

A year ago, the BRTA sent a proposition of 3,820-man organogram with extra 133 posts for investigators and 220 posts for colleague reviewers.

The service diminished the number to 2,315 with 133 and 111 posts for investigators and associate controllers, a BRTA authority said.

“We have sent the new proposition to the service on Thursday,” he said. The proposition would go to the open organization service and afterward account service according to method.

In the interim, Road Transport and Highway Division in August shaped a panel to work how wellness tests could be re-appropriated to privately owned businesses.

“The choice to redistribute the work was taken because of the tremendous shortage of wellness testing offices,” Sitangshu Shekhar Biswas, part secretary of the council, revealed to The Daily Star.

The board of trustees has just set a few criteria for privately owned businesses and presented their report to the service, Sitangshu, likewise the executive (activities) of the BRTA, said.


Street Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said labor of the BRTA was better than anyone might have expected.

“Be that as it may, labor isn’t sufficient considering the expanding volume of work [of the BRTA],” Quader said answering to an inquiry at a public interview at his secretariat office yesterday.

“Our service has offered suggestion to the open organization service to build labor. We are confident of getting extra labor soon,” he said.

Gotten some information about execution of the HC orders, he said Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources would actualize the HC request and he didn’t know about how much work that service has done as such far.

“On the off chance that the individuals consent to the court request, they will profit,” said the pastor, including that “no head protector, no fuel” activity taken by Dhaka Metropolitan Police conveyed positive outcomes.

Solicited whether usage from such request would build open enduring given that numerous open vehicles don’t have the important wellness leeway, Quader stated, “We will choose dependent on the real world.”

He said they were attempting to build the quantity of open vehicle vehicles as “we will discover not very many open vehicles with appropriate wellness once we go for activity against unfit vehicles”.

Among autonomy and September this year, 41.76 lakh vehicles, including 27.54 lakh bikes, got enrolled with the BRTA.

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