Tinkering with fiasco

It is elusive a birthday party without a couple of gliding inflatables.

Yet, so as to get the inflatables to oppose gravity, one needs a gas that is lighter than air, to be specific hydrogen or helium.

Since hydrogen is the less expensive of the two gases, most sellers in the nation use it to blow up inflatables.

In any case, the technique where the greater part of the sellers produce the inflammable gas has demonstrated to be unsafe on numerous events.

A chamber utilized for expanding inflatables detonated a week ago in the capital’s Rupnagar executing seven kids and harming 20 others. Six of the harmed kids are being treated at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Additionally, a hydrogen inflatable can cause setbacks on the off chance that it bursts into flames.

“There is neither any demonstration nor any guideline with respect to the utilization of hydrogen in inflatables,” Samsul Alam, boss examiner of the Department of Explosives, revealed to The Daily Star.

Authorities and inflatable dealers said that the sellers gather old and disposed of LPG and CNG chambers and, with certain changes, use them for creating hydrogen.

They alter the chambers to have the option to put aluminum powder, sodium hydroxide and water inside, and afterward seal it, said Samsul.

The blend produces hydrogen which is caught inside the chamber.

At the point when they blow up the inflatable, they utilize a valve on the chamber to allow gas to out.

Yet, they can’t control the generation of hydrogen inside the chamber, he said. As hydrogen keeps on being created, the chamber gets hot because of the weight and at a certain point, the chamber detonates, he said.

Specialists said hydrogen is a flimsy and inflammable gas and there is incredible risk related with hydrogen inflatables.

Alam said open mindfulness and police activity could change the circumstance.

“Hydrogen isn’t the issue; the issue is the manner in which the inflatables are swelled,” he said.

It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to plan law for everything, he said. “We must know and on the off chance that we see sellers utilize such things, we ought to educate police,” he said.

Alam additionally said this strategy for swelling inflatables isn’t sheltered. “We have carried the issue to the consideration of the organization a few times. We distributed commercials in papers, making individuals mindful.”

Specialists, be that as it may, approached the legislature to boycott hydrogen inflatables.

“Helium doesn’t detonate. Regardless of whether it comes into contact with fire, it just pops. However, hydrogen is exceptionally inflammable,” Mohidus Samad Khan, partner educator of the Department of Chemical Engineering of BUET, said.

“There are numerous episodes where individuals got harmed in different pieces of the world because of hydrogen-filled inflatables,” he said.

It ought to be brought under a legitimate casing, Brig Gen Sazzad Hussain, executive general of Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense, disclosed to The Daily Star.

On January 25, an inflatable seller was murdered and two others were harmed when their chamber detonated on Dhaka Shikkha Board Laboratory School and College grounds in the capital’s Mirpur.

Two expand merchants kicked the bucket and two others were injured in a chamber blast in Jatrabari on February 5, 2017.

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