Sabina Yasmin thinks of new melody

Living legend Sabina Yasmin has loaned her voice in another melody after quite a while for a sound.

The tune was composed by A Mizan. Sabina Yasmin rendered the tune in a studio situated at Dilu Road of Moghbazar. Zia Khan was the lyricist of the tune.

The tune will be distributed very soon from a sound generation place of the nation.

Sabina Yasmin stated, “The expressions of the melody are actually quite pleasant. With regards to the wonderful words, Zia Khan made a decent tune. After quite a while I sang a decent tune. Expectation, everybody will like the melody.”

A Mizan stated, “I am actually quite much happy to work with regarded Sabina (Apa), a living legend. I am blessed as I got a chance to compose a tune for her.Zia (Bhai) made lovely tune. It’s my expectation that all will everybody will cherish the melody.”

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