Emergency at JU developing

The emergency at Jahangirnagar University appears to be a long way from being done as the educators and understudies unsettling for the bad habit chancellor’s acquiescence opposed a college boycott and organized fights on the grounds yesterday.

They likewise pledged to go on with the exhibitions until the VC ventures down.

The JU experts on Tuesday shut down the college for an uncertain period and prohibited parades and rallies on the grounds until further notice.

The move came hours after Chhatra League men ambushed the demonstrators who had kept VC Prof Farzana Islam restricted to her habitation, requesting her acquiescence over defilement claims.

After the ambush, which left 35, including nine instructors and four writers, harmed, Prof Farzana turned out under BCL insurance.

Following a crisis meeting that day, the college specialists requested that the understudies abandon the quarters by 5:30pm, however the majority of the corridor occupants remained back.

Afterward, the specialists broadened the cutoff time until 3:30pm yesterday, notice of activity on the off chance that anybody damages the request.

The move obviously neglected to suppress the demo. The fomenting understudies and instructors took a crisp promise to squeeze home their interest. They brought out parades and held a convention on the grounds yesterday. Around 5:00pm, they took position before the VC’s home and left around 9:00pm.

Nazir Amin Chowdhury Joy, one of the coordinators of the dissent, said understudies dismissed the college request to clear the quarters.

He said they would wait if the college specialists, with the assistance of police, attempted to drive understudies out.

“We will remain on the grounds and its adjoining zones around evening time and proceed with our demo tomorrow first thing,” he disclosed to The Daily Star yesterday evening.

Prof Rayhan Rhyne of reasoning division, a representative for “Jahangirnagar Against Corruption”, the stage that guided the unsettling, stated, “We will proceed with our fights until the VC leaves.”

He said they would hold a convention and render tunes emphasizing their interest at another dissent program before the VC’s living arrangement today.

In the interim, Deputy Education Minister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury yesterday asked every one of the gatherings connected to the emergency to have persistence and not to take law in their very own hands.

“We will dispatch an examination on the off chance that we get a particular claims against the Jahangirnagar University organization. We will take activities if the claims are seen as evident,” he told journalists at a public interview at the International Mother Language Institute in the capital.

“On the off chance that we find that the claims aren’t right, we will make a move against the complainants,” he said.

On the BCL ambush, he said they would take measures against Chhatra League pioneers if their contribution in assaulting understudies and instructors was found.

Mohibul then approached all to stay alert so that no “outsider” could exploit the circumstance.

Prior in the day around 10:00am, the nonconformists began gathering at Murad Chattar on the JU grounds.

Around 30 minutes after the fact, in excess of a hundred understudies drew out a parade, requesting the VC’s renunciation. They recited mottos, reprimanding the college choice to close the corridors after the BCL ambush.

Afterward, they held a solidarity rally before the old managerial structure where more than 300 understudies and educators of various offices alongside some understudy chiefs communicated solidarity with the dissidents.

Talking there, Prof Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan of reasoning division stated, “We had sat tight for a quarter of a year for an answer. The VC had sufficient opportunity to demonstrate her promise to straightforwardness, however she didn’t start any examination at all.”

Rather, she named the dissidents as Jamaat-Shibir activists, he said.

Prof Anu Muhammad of financial matters office stated, “The bad habit chancellor needed to arrange clearing the quarters to maintain a strategic distance from an ‘upsurge’ of general understudies. This isn’t the arrangement. The evacuation of the bad habit chancellor is the main arrangement.”

Joining the program, Prof Tanzim Uddin Khan of Dhaka University, stated, “This development isn’t just against debasement, it is to spare Jahangirnagar University.”

Prof Sharmind Neelormi of JU’s financial aspects division stated, “We need the removal of the degenerate VC. Despite the fact that the focal unit BCL president and secretary were expelled, the VC is still in her post.”

Conversing with The Daily Star, VC Prof Farzana accused the unsettling understudies and instructors for the present emergency.

“They should assume the liability. We didn’t shut down the college, rather we had to do as such,” she stated, including that they trusted the college would revive soon.

JU dove into an emergency in the wake of the understudy dissents in August requesting a legal enquiry into the detailed inclusion of the bad habit chancellor in defilement and bungle of a Tk 1,445-crore grounds advancement venture.

The two top pioneers of focal BCL – the president and the general secretary – were expelled from the posts after charges surfaced that they requested “a considerable amount” from the monetary portion for the advancement work.

The VC has consistently guaranteed she isn’t associated with any debasement or inconsistencies.

The previous evening, the circumstance on the grounds was tense. Extra police individuals were conveyed around the VC’s home and at different spots to turn away any untoward circumstance.

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