Governmental issues not a calling to profit: President

Referencing that governmental issues isn’t a calling to profit and purchase autos, President Abdul Hamid on Monday said it is the duty of lawmakers to make an appropriate and dynamic world of politics in the nation.

“It must be guaranteed so legislative issues could be practiced in a world of politics with the certainty and trust of individuals for their welfare,” he said.

He thought of the comments while tending to a dedication meeting and dialog program on late JS Speaker Humayun Rashid Choudhury.

Speaker Humayun Rashid Choudhury Smrity Parishad composed the program denoting his 92nd birth commemoration.

Hamid stated, “It’s significant for a legislator to cling to standards and goals. Administration is significant for administering a nation and a country, and running a [political] party. What’s more, the nation, the country just as the gathering will move to the correct bearing if the authority is great.”

The President proceeded to state, “One can turn into a pioneer medium-term in return of cash or manhandling power however the certainty and trust of individuals can’t be earned [in that way]. The trust and support of individuals are required most for a government official and an ideological group.”

Referencing that the principle objective of governmental issues is to guarantee the welfare of individuals, Hamid stated, “Legislative issues isn’t a calling by which you can purchase vehicles or profit. In any case, nowadays it is seen that even little pioneers don’t need cash, autos and houses.”

He stated, “An area of individuals has transformed governmental issues into an instrument of working together and making unlawful riches. This culture must be halted in legislative issues. Or the consequences will be severe, the certainty and enthusiasm of general individuals in legislative issues and political initiative will decrease. The way of building legit and competent initiative will be blocked. Legislative issues will never again stay under the influence of political pioneers, which isn’t normal in any way.”

President Hamid trusted that all the ideological groups and government officials of the nation will take activities to set up majority rules system and construct legitimate and capable authority for the future age.

National Coordinator of Sheik Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery Burn and Plastic Surgery Dr Samanta Lal Sen conveyed the welcome discourse while sister of Humayun Rashid Choudhury Jeba Rashid Choudhury, individual from Advisory Council of Awami League Enam Ahmad Choudhury and Member of Parliament Ali Ashraf additionally talked on the event.

President Hamid gave over a peak to the President of Smrity Parishad Najibur Rahman.

Priest for Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmad was available as the uncommon visitor while Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Nojibur Rahman conveyed his discourse at the program.

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