Salman Khan marked as one-sided have by Twitterati

Whiz Salman Khan was named as a one-sided have by netizens, who concocted the #BiasedHostSalmanKhan hash tag to condemn him for supporting entertainer Sidharth Shukla and pummeling Mahira Sharma in the ongoing ‘End of the week ka Vaar’ scene of “Bigg Boss 13”.

The entire week in the “Bigg Boss” house was about Sidharth getting forceful and harming Mahira during an assignment, for which he was named for about fourteen days discipline. Afterward, Paras Chhabra additionally guaranteed that he hurt his finger in light of Sidharth.

In the Saturday scene, Salman cleared the entire circumstance, saying that Paras was answerable for his damage and not Sidharth.

Salman then tended to the issue among Mahira and Sidharth – where Sidharth clarified his side saying that he wasn’t totally liable for the episode and Mahira said that she realizes that she isn’t as solid when contrasted with Sidharth and felt that Sidharth ought to have mulled over that.

To which, Salman inquired as to whether she would have done likewise, or left the errand. Salman even brought up how everybody in the house gets forceful during undertakings – this point by Salman was considered as an approach to guard hostility by a segment of online life clients.

Salman additionally got out the vast majority of the candidates, including Mahira, for focusing on Sidharth, addressing if that is their approach to remain in the spotlight and their course of action.

In the wake of tuning in to Salman, Mahira began crying and stated: “I won’t let out the slightest peep from now on in light of the fact that Sidharth is ‘mahaan’ (amazing)”. To which, Salman advised her to stop with the ‘nautanki’ (acting) and spotlight on the game.

When the scene went on air, numerous fans took to Twitter to share their response and began inclining the hashtag #BiasedHostSalmanKhan.

Indeed “Bigg Boss” season seven victor Gauahar Khan was stunned at the show’s interpretation of the entire episode. “I’m stunned ! Im presumably viewing an alternate #biggboss ! Hostility is advocated definitely,” she wrote in a tweet.

“BB trained us only to discharge temper on ladies and as indicated by have young ladies are more fragile. This sexual orientation separating show ought to be brought somewhere near all methods since we can’t stand this conduct,” kept in touch with one.

“Slanting since the previous evening till now. The shock is genuine. You can’t deride somebody’ feeling we crowd are standing together against this preference being finished! There’ a farthest point to everything and you’ve crossed everything,” said another.

“For what reason is Salman so one-sided? For what reason doesn’t he ever reprove Sidharth Shukla for being so forceful and impolite? Why has Salman never commended how well Paras is playing? For what reason is he after Paras and Mahira just,” asked another.

“What message is given by #BiggBoss13 to world in the event that a man is forceful, at that point a young lady should avoid the man and don’t attempt to contend with him. Being forceful is supported by producers. Such a disgrace,” tweeted another.

One expressed: “In this present reality where young ladies are equivalent to young men you are indicating your debilitated attitude by saying backoff in light of the fact that you are a young lady, yet you are overlooking in ‘Bigg Boss’ young ladies vanquished young men and won the Show.”

Be that as it may, Sidharth’s industry companions like Kishwer Merchant, Kamya Punjabi, Kushal Tandon and Sanjeeda Shaikh tweeted in his help.

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