Sundarbans endures the worst part of tornado Bulbul

The tornado Bulbul that unleashed ruin in the nation’s beach front regions in the early long periods of Sunday harmed 4,589 trees, including Sundari, in the Sundarbans, the world’s biggest mangrove woodland and an Unesco world legacy site.

The specialists worried of the Sundarbans East and West zone have evaluated the misfortunes independently brought about by the tornado in the Sundarbans and presented their reports to the divisional Forest Department on Thursday.

Mohammad Moinuddin Khan, Forest Conservator of Khulna area, said the east and west zones of the Sundarbans were solicited to present a rundown from the misfortunes in the woodland after the staggering typhoon.

In the wake of visiting various pieces of the backwoods, the Divisional Forest Officials (DFOs) presented a rundown of harmed trees and different frameworks yet wild creatures didn’t endure any damage, he said.

As indicated by the data given by the DFOs, somewhere in the range of 4,589 trees worth Tk 50.35 lakh were evacuated while foundations worth Tk 62.85 lakh got harmed.

Bashirul Al Mamun, DFO west zone, said nearly 4,002 trees were harmed during the tempest and 874 of them are Sundari and 1,534 Geoa trees.

DFO Mahmudul Hasan of Sundarbans East zone, said an aggregate of 587 trees worth Tk 8,62,742 were harmed by the cyclonic tempest.

In addition, water vessels and different frameworks worth Tk 39.60 lakh were harmed by Bulbul, he said.

Dr Mahmud Hossain, teacher of Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline of Khulna University, said “The Sundarbans went about as a defender during numerous cataclysmic events from 1584 to 2019 when it confronted 74 major catastrophic events.”

He focused on the requirement for ensuring the mangrove backwoods to protect the beach front zones from any catastrophic event.

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