Onion cost dropped Tk 10-20 for each Kg on Sunday

As onion cost began falling with the administration’s transition to import it and appearance of the privately created one in the market, the wholesalers in the capital were seen taking a break on Sunday because of poor turnout of retailers dreading misfortunes.

Conversing with media, various wholesalers said retailers were not coming to purchase onion capturing that the cost of the fundamental kitchen thing will drop quickly after the appearance of freight planes with the imported onion.

Some of them said they have just endured misfortunes due to the downtrend in the onion cost.

Md Shahidul Islam, a distributer at Karwan Bazar discount advertise, said he didn’t purchase any onion on Saturday night for discount because of absence of a sufficient number of retailers.

“I purchased 30 sacks of Maynmar onion on Friday at Tk 190-195 for each kg yet the discount cost dropped on Saturday because of Friday night’s administration declaration to import it from various nations. I’ve to tally lost Tk 30,000 as the cost would fall further with the appearance of the imported onion,” Shahidul included.

Humayun Kabir, a retailer at Kaptan Bazar, said he purchased Myanmar onion at Tk 200 for each kg from Shyambazar discount advertise in the capital which was sold at Tk 220 for every kg on Saturday however it declined by Tk 20 for every kg on Sunday.

Another distributer at Karwan Bazar, Mohammad Ali, said he purchased 146 sacks of the onion of various verities on Friday yet 70 sacks stayed unsold for absence of purchasers and the deal was very nearly zero today (Sunday).

He caught that he may endure lost around Tk 70,000 because of a downtrend in the onion cost in city markets.

Abdus Salam, an onion merchant at Shyambazar, said they were selling it at a value which is Tk 10-20 not exactly Saturday’s.

Azizur Rahman, a retailer at Shantinagar, said they were selling neighborhood onion at Tk 250 for each kg and it is presently accessible at Tk 240 on Sunday.

In the midst of the overheated onion advertise, state-claimed Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) began selling onion imported from Myanmar at Tk 45 for every kg before its administrative center in the city’s Karwan Bazar region on Sunday.

In the interim, recently collected onion has begun to hit neighborhood showcases in a few locale, including Madaripur and Faridpur regions.

As per Madaripur reporter, onion was selling at Tk 175 while spring (onion with leaves) at Tk 100 for each kg at retail market of Puran Bazar in the area town on Saturday evening.

Ranchers in Faridpur have additionally begun selling the recently collected neighborhood assortment of onion, ‘Murikata’, at Tk 112 for each kg.

On September 29, the Indian government restricted onion send out with quick impact till further request for what it says improving household accessibility, which set off the onion value climb in Bangladesh.

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