Quader inclinations Fakhrul not to incite transport laborers

Naming Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) as “Gossip monger Party”, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Wednesday asserted that the BNP has been spreading bits of gossip in a steady progression to make an unstable circumstance in the nation.

Neglecting to do anything with onions, they focused on the rice market and bring forth scheme. In their most recent endeavor, they attempted to spread ruomours in the salt market and by and by they confronted disappointment. At long last, the BNP began an intrigue with the Road Transport Act.

Obaidul Quader likewise the Road Transport and Bridges Minister made these charges against BNP while tending to at Noakhali District Awami League’s triennial gathering at Shaheed Vulu Stadium in Noakhali on Wednesday (November 20).

Descending intensely on BNP pioneer Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Obaidul Quader said you are actuating transport laborers through bringing up issues over the objectivity of the new transport law while they are watching work absentia to squeeze home their different requests.

The AL head said no trick will fill in as the administration is working for the prosperity of the nation individuals asking Mirza Fakhrul to go delayed with their connivances and inductions.

He referenced that the new transport law was planned to expedite discipline the street, not to rebuff or fine somebody.

The Home Minister sat in a gathering with the proprietors of the vehicles and we trust they will pull back their strike after the gathering.

Each and everybody needs to keep the law for keeping up discipline out and about. There is no motivation to be stressed on the off chance that we observe the standards.

Calling upon the proprietors and laborers of the vehicle area, Obaidul Quader asked them not to rebuff ordinary citizens by upholding transport end. Try not to rebuff individuals in dread of their own discipline. Kindly don’t make individuals sufferer.

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