Apu Biswas against tying tie with wedded man

Prominent film entertainer Apu Biswas said that she would not get married with any wedded individual.

Apu, the previous spouse of Dhallywood whiz Shakib Khan, concocted the declaration in a program broadcast in a private TV as of late.

When discussing her future arrangement, Apu stated: “Totally, I have a future arrangement. I am organizing both private and expert life. I have a plane about my private life yet it ought to be appeared in decent manner, not disputably. For that, I need to sit tight for long as I am not rationally arranged till now. I need to go ahead from this position.”

While addressing an inquiry concerning real date of her marriage, Apu stated: “My family is considering this issue. I am not keen on wedding somebody who has a family or a child. It is my own decision. My family has just been educated about this.”

The prevalent film on-screen character has been hit news features on numerous online gateways tattling about the wedding of Bappy Chowdhury and Apu Biswas. In any case, them two wouldn’t utter a word about the gossip.

Earleir, Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas got married in 2008, yet concealed it until April 2017, when Apu showed up on live TV in a meeting with their child, conceived in September 2016.

After a great deal of upheaval and wretchedness in the relationship, Shakib and Apu authoritatively isolated in 2018.

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