Rangpur Sugar Mills: Production on in spite of misfortune

In spite of bringing about misfortunes, the Rangpur Sugar Mills Ltd in Gaibandha is expanding creation to make sugar, a move which as indicated by the Santals is planned for preventing them from coming back to their hereditary land.

The factory, spreading over 1,842.30 sections of land and around 20 kilometers from the Shahebganj-Bagda stick ranch in Gobindaganj upazila, checked misfortunes of Tk 3.65 crore in financial 2018-19, while it was Tk 4.09 crore and Tk 3.39 crore in the two earlier years, shows its asset report.

The misfortunes in these three years were a lot higher contrasted with the previous years. Past reports show a benefit of Tk 50 lakh in 2014-15 and lost Tk 49.73 in 2015-16.

The plant’s Managing Director Md Rafiqul Islam ascribed the misfortunes to a climb in labor and water system costs. “The dirt quality was not amiable to stick cultivating either, bringing about low yield,” he disclosed to The Daily Star as of late.

Be that as it may, Khaledur Rahman, an official at the upazila Department of Agricultural Extension, said the dirt was of ideal quality for stick creation.

The land for the most part has a place with the Santal people group. Nonetheless, they were expelled in 1956, leaving them landless.

Six years after the expulsion, a land securing understanding was marked in 1962 between the then Pakistan Industrial Corporation, which along these lines set up the Rangpur Sugar Mills, and Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Rangpur, to develop sugarcane for the plant.

The understanding had a condition that if the specialists creates any yield other than crude materials for the plants, the land would be offered back to the Santals. The plant did come up short and the Santals returned however they were driven out viciously with their homes being plundered and burnt.

It has been a long time since the Santals living on a sugarcane ranch in Gaibandha were mercilessly expelled by police upheld by influentials in an activity that left three Santals dead and many harmed with a lot all the more absent on November 6, 2016.

From that point forward, around 1,200 Santal families are living in tents close to the region in the midst of vulnerability and dread.

The factory specialists originally disregarded the understanding when the plant shut down in 2004, and they started renting the land out to neighborhood persuasive gatherings at a pace of Tk 2,000 for each section of land. The factory stayed shut for a long time, said Santal pioneers.

These powerful gatherings at that point started sub-renting the grounds to famers to develop crops at Tk 30,000 for every section of land, local people said.

The ranchers developed paddy, wheat, maize, potato, mustard, and even the earth hurtful tobacco on the grounds.

Discovering neighborhood powerful individuals capitalizing on their genealogical grounds, the Santal families started a development by shaping Shahebganj-Bagda Farm Land Restoration Movement Committee in 2013.

Finding out about the development, Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation reprimanded the factories experts in a letter in August 2014 for making “intricacy among nearby individuals” by renting the homestead lands.

The letter, got by The Daily Star, referenced that 1,460 sections of land of the all out 1503.50 sections of land of cultivable grounds had been rented till February 2015.

In an intrigue to the legislature in 2015, the development panel requested their territory rights over the infringement. An examination by the extra delegate official of Gaibandha discovered grounds in their case. The Daily Star has gotten a duplicate of the examination report also.

The extremely one year from now, the plant specialists dropped the leases and started expanding sugarcane cultivating.

They developed 7,300 tons of stick on 596 sections of land in 2016-17 raising the homestead’s use to Tk 5.37 crore, which was Tk 84.89 lakh in the earlier year, notwithstanding no stick creation at that point.

The specialists expanded stick development in the next years – to 1,063.65 sections of land in 2017-18, yielding 10,045 tons of stick, and 1,013 sections of land in 2018-19, yielding 10,526 tons.

The overseeing executive of the plant said the homestead was committed to stick cultivating, to guarantee crude materials for the sugar plant.

Normal stick generation at the ranch remained at 10.69 tons a section of land. In any case, nearby stick ranchers could deliver a normal of 28 tons a section of land in their private homesteads – practically 2.5 occasions more.

During a visit to the homestead a month ago, this reporter saw tremendous regions of ranch land lying inactive, with some dispersed fixes under stick development.

Neighborhood stick ranchers said the factory was causing misfortunes for debasement and inconsistencies. They said the factory specialists don’t show the real grounds under stick creation, or work and water system costs.

Rafiqul denied these claims.

In its 62 years of activities, the sugar factories caused misfortunes multiple times, while it was closed for a long time, and checked benefits multiple times.

The creation cost of every kilogram of sugar at the plant is Tk 345.66 against sugar costs of Tk 55, making lost Tk 290.66 per kilogram.

Conversing with The Daily Star, Santal pioneer Philemon Baskey said the plant specialists were not enabling them to come back to their hereditary land, regardless of acquiring misfortunes for quite a long time.

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