Govt to shape board to get control over loan fee, says fund serve

The administration is set to shape a board with the undertaking of bringing loan fees down to a solitary digit, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has said

“A seven-in number board of trustees drove by an appointee legislative head of the national bank will be shaped before the day’s over,” said Kamal after a gathering with pioneers of the financial area on Sunday.

The board will comprise of executives and overseeing chiefs of open and private banks, said the fund serve.

“The council will present a system on decreasing the loan cost to the legislative leader of the national bank inside seven days.”

Business pioneers have since quite a while ago called for loaning and store financing costs to be brought down to 9 percent and 6 percent individually.

Leader Sheik Hasina too has called for loaning rates to be sliced on numerous events without much of any result.

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