National Film Awards 17, 18 function on December 8

The function of Bangladesh National Film Awards for 2017-2018 will be held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on December 8.

PM Sheik Hasina will effortlessness the event as boss visitor and hand over the honors to the champs.

Commended entertainers Ferdous and Purnima will have the program. This will be the first run through as they will be combined as hosts.

Specialists worried about the occasion said that famous vocalists Khurshid Alam will sing “alto paye chando tule”, Samina Chowdhury will sing, “valobasa ki, tumi ki bujho na”, Momotaz will sing “na jani kon oporadge”, Nakib Khan will sing “mon shudhu mon chuyeche”, Imran and Kona will sing “oho shaam” and Sabbir and Liza will perform “tumi saat sagor opar hote amay dekecho”.

Under the bearing of Ivan Shahriar, on-screen characters Apu Bishwas, Bobi, Mahia Mahi, Nusrat Fariha and Toma Mirza will take an interest in the move. Warda Rihab will play out the hit the dance floor with melodies from two distinct nations.

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