Quader indications significant changes in top initiative of Awami League

Awami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday implied that significant changes may be gotten the top posts of the gathering aside from the one of its leader Sheik Hasina during its up and coming triennial chamber.

“No change will happen in one post of the gathering. It is the post of the gathering president. Leader Sheik Hasina will hold the post once more. Changes are probably going to happen in any post of the gathering. Everything will rely upon the choice of the gathering president,” he said.

He thought of the comments while tending to a gathering of the gathering office issues’ sub-board, framed to make its 21st triennial national chamber fruitful today.

Quader, likewise the street transport and scaffolds serve, stated, “None is the indistinguishable element in our gathering with the exception of Sheik Hasina. There is no option in contrast to Sheik Hasina for the gathering.”

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