Colleges transforming into business foundations: President

President Abdul Hamid on Monday said business courses are transforming state funded colleges into business establishments upsetting the grounds air.

“A large number of graduates are being delivered each year with these business courses. A specific class of educators is making benefits [from these courses] … and transforming the colleges into business organizations,” he said at the 52nd meeting of Dhaka University.

President Hamid, likewise the Chancellor of the college, noticed that there was an inquiry regarding how much understudies are profiting by these degrees despite the fact that an area of educators is profiting.

“This is upsetting the training air at the colleges. Numerous state funded colleges accept the character of private colleges around evening time … This is unsatisfactory,” he said.

Hamid noticed that there are a few educators who are hesitant about taking classes of customary courses however are intense with regards to night and certificate courses, and classes at private colleges.

“This is on the grounds that they get money profits by these private colleges. Be that as it may, recollect, the colleges are run with citizens’ cash. Along these lines, you’ve to be responsible to individuals,” the Chancellor said.

He said it is the obligation of bad habit chancellors and instructors to guarantee the best possible utilization of college reserves.

“However, the exercises of some VCs and instructors cause it to appear as though they’ve overlooked what the genuine undertaking of the college is. The activity of the college isn’t simply to bestow information, rather, the genuine work is to apply the procured information,” he included.

Naming exploration a “significant and key undertaking of higher instructive establishments,” Hamid said there is a ton of analysis about the nature of research. Research for advancement, or fundamental research, ought to likewise be mulled over.

“In numerous divisions, the quantity of educators is currently higher than the instructors of different positions. Numerous instructors have overlooked the personality of an educator who got a managerial post,” he said.

President Hamid likewise reprimanded the college experts for a progression of ongoing occurrences.

He said the picture of colleges and the notoriety of understudies were discolored by some unfeeling and unwanted episodes as of late.

“Understudies are joined up with college for procuring information, not to come all the way back as cadavers or ousted. These surprising occurrences could have been avoided much of the time if the specialists made the correct strides in time. The college specialists can’t evade the obligations totally,” he said.

President Hamid trusted that the specialists will make appropriate move in such manner later on.

The 52nd assembly of Dhaka University (DU) was hung on its grounds with the investment of 20,796 alumni.

Nobel Laureate in material science and Special University Professor Dr Takaaki Kajita, additionally Director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research of Tokyo University, conveyed his discourse as the conference speaker.

Broadening his earnest thanks and felicitations to the Nobel Laureate for his generous nearness at the conference, President Hamid said his essence gave a new force to the alumni and the college also.

The President said Prof Kajita’s consultation has been an incredible wellspring of motivation for the alumni and the understudies.

Ninety-eight understudies got gold decorations from the president while Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degrees were given upon 57 and 14 beneficiaries separately.

Seven DU-subsidiary universities likewise partook in the meeting function from two scenes — Dhaka College and Eden Mohila College–through videoconferencing

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