Maratha bunch urges police to record body of evidence against Akshay Kumar over promotion

A Maratha association has presented a letter to the region and police experts in Maharashtra’s Nanded, looking for a body of evidence against Bollywood entertainer Akshay Kumar for supposedly harming the network’s notions in a washing powder notice, an authority said on Saturday.

Considering the commercial an “affront” of the Maratha warriors, the Sambhaji Brigade on Thursday presented the letter to Nanded District Collector and Vazirabad Police, asking them to enlist a body of evidence against the “Padman” entertainer.

In the commercial, the entertainer is seen assuming the job of a Maratha ruler, who returns triumphant with his military, however is rebuked for his filthy garments. The advertisement at that point shows the characters moving around and washing their own garments.

“We got a letter from the Sambhaji Brigade on Thursday, in which they requested that a body of evidence be recorded against Akshay Kumar for harming the network’s notions. We have sent the letter to the director’s office,” accountable for Vazirabad Police Station S Shivale said.

The on-screen character and the cleanser brand have additionally gone under fire via web-based networking media with the #BoycottNirma hashtag inclining on Twitter.

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