Route Home from Pakistan’s Prison

Pakistan’s President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto welcomed Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman to supper on 7 January 1972. The setting was the visitor place of the President of Pakistan. At that supper, Mr. Bhutto educated Bangabandhu about his discharge. President Bhutto, around then, had likewise proposed Bangabandhu to frame a confederation among Bangladesh and Pakistan. Bangabandhu comprehended what might be his answer. In his solid voice, he said that he would meet his kin first, talk about with them, and afterward he would have the option to illuminate Bhutto. That day, Bangabandhu didn’t step his feet in the snare of clever Bhutto.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman, arrived at London in a crisp chilly morning on 8 January 1972, when he was discharged from Pakistan’s jail. He conversed with the media individuals soon after his appearance in London. He stated, “Today, I am allowed to impart the unbounded delight of opportunity to my individual comrades. We have won the opportunity in an epic freedom battle. A definitive accomplishment of this battle is the production of a free, sovereign, People’s Republic of Bangladesh of which my kin proclaimed me as the President while I was a detainee in a denounced cell anticipating the execution of a sentence of hanging.”

He told the writers, “No individuals has needed to follow through on as high a cost in human life and languishing over the opportunity that has been applied from the individuals of Bangladesh.

I can’t hold up a solitary minute to come back to my kin.” Referring to his talk with the new Pakistani President Mr. Bhutto, Bangabandhu disclosed to them that Mr. Bhutto had spoke to him and the individuals of Bangladesh to think about keeping up some sort of association with Pakistan. Be that as it may, Bangabandhu told Mr. Bhutto that he would not utter a word on that proposition until he came back to his kinsmen. At that public interview, Bangabandhu made two interests to the world network the first was to perceive Bangladesh, and the second was to give help to the ravenous individuals of Bangladesh.

That night, Bangabandhu met British Prime Minister Edward Heath at his habitation at 10 Downing Street. The two chiefs went through about an hour talking about different issues of common interests. Bangabandhu mentioned the British Prime Minister to offer acknowledgment to Bangladesh at the most punctual just as give fundamental aids. At the point when Heath asked Bangabandhu what else they could accomplish for him, Bangabandhu’s brief answer was, “Truly, you can do one more support, on the off chance that you could benevolently assist us with a plane to accept us to Bangladesh as quickly as time permits.

” During his one day remain in London, Mr. Harold Wilson, the pioneer of the then resistance, came to meet Bangabandhu at the lodging. Furthermore, the then General Secretary of the Commonwealth, Mr. Arnold Smith, additionally went to the inn to meet Bangabandhu. During their exchange, Bangabandhu communicated to Mr Smith the goal of Bangladesh to join the Commonwealth.

Following a day’s stay in London, while Bangabandhu was coming back to Dhaka on 10 January 1972 by a British Air Force Comet flying machine, he made a visit in New Delhi. Truth be told, that stop-over was not just a visit. It was an event to recognize India’s unmatched commitment towards Bangladesh’s freedom battle just as to offer Bangabandhu’s own thanks to the legislature and the individuals of India.

We realize that Indian President Shri VV Giri and Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi were available at Delhi air terminal to greet Bangabandhu. It was an uncommon event in India’s history that both the President and the Prime Minister of India were available at the air terminal to get a meeting President or Prime Minister. Furthermore, the pioneer, who made that uncommon example on that day, was no other individual, yet the recently autonomous Bangladesh’s engineer Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

His announcement to the press at Delhi air terminal plainly expressed what Bangabandhu had held in his brain. He stated, “On my way back to Bangladesh, I have chosen to make a visit in the notable capital of your incredible nation to actually offer my thanks to the dearest companion of my kin, the Indian individuals and your extraordinary Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Mrs. Gandhi is a pioneer and a humanist also. The penances you have made and your bravery in accomplishing our autonomy are unique.”

Bangabandhu is the dad of the Bengali country. As a dad, he remembered in any event, for a minute the adoration for his youngsters for him, their boundless gallantry in the freedom war, the penance of the martyred political dissidents and, most importantly, the triumph of his Bangali individuals. That is the reason he stated, “Our war for opportunity was a battle to stroll from dimness to light and to accomplish trust from sadness. I am returning to my envisioned brilliant Bangla following nine months. During these nine months, my kin have acknowledged numerous penances.

Many have battled and persevered through numerous abuses.” He said that his kin cried when the Pakistanis captured him, battled when the Pakistanis kept him in jail and when he was coming back to them, they were then successful. Bangabandhu stated, “I am going to share the delight of their triumph.”

The Father of the Nation likewise referenced that there were numerous works in front of them. The extraordinary battle to change triumph into harmony, progress and advancement are before them. He stated, “I’m not returning with any contempt against anybody. I am going with the fulfillment of triumph of truth against lie, the triumph of honest direct against abuse, triumph of mental fortitude against weakness, the triumph of equity against foul play and triumph of joy against malicious.”

An open gathering was sorted out at the procession ground of the Delhi Cantonment on that day to greet Bangabandhu. The national song of devotion of the two nations was played. Bangabandhu was given the Guard of Honor. Aside from Indian President VV Giri, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, bureau priests and neighborhood dignitaries; representatives from 20 nations were available at that gathering meeting. Right now Bangabandhu began his discourse in English, the individuals going to the gathering mentioned him to talk in Bangla. Also, Bangabandhu regarded their solicitation by giving his discourse in Bangla.

The President and Prime Minister of India likewise talked on that event. President VV Giri, in his location, said that he was charmed and satisfied to greet Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman to their nation. He said the Indian government and the individuals of India had been trusting that such an event will get Bangabandhu in the midst of them. He stated, “You are the unmistakable image of the everlasting cognizance of torment and penance for human freedom and human opportunity.” The Indian President said that the development of autonomous Bangladesh was an interesting occasion of the law based developments in world history. Referencing Bangabandhu as the Father of the Nation of Bangladesh he further stated, “The profound confidence and certainty that 75 million individuals of Bangladesh have set on you has given the introduction of brilliant Bengal, and we have presumably that it will procure a seat of pride on the planet network.”

The President of India said that he had consistent confidence and trust in Bangabandhu, the image of harmony and opportunity. VV Giri’s comprehension of Bangabandhu’s authority and vision was sky-scratching. That is the reason he could state, “At this noteworthy minute you are returning as the leader of your nation which will fortify and guarantee the probability of enduring and maintainable harmony in the locale.”

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