Shades of HOPE

After the stream banks washed away her old home in Char Narayanpur, Rangpur, Shefali moved to another roast in Kurigram. With the assistance of the recovery support by the NGO, it was there that she revamped her home.

“We attempt to help overcomers of characteristic cataclysms through our catastrophe restoration projects and afterward guarantee microfinancing for these underestimated individuals. We give professional preparing with the goal that they can become free and independent through cultivating, fisheries, sewing, pontoon building, and artworks. Our primary witticism is to remain by these individuals and help them through the entirety of their troubles and helper them in settling appropriately,” said Abdus Sabur Chowdhury, DGM and Head of Communications, Friendship.

In like manner, it was not all nice for Shefali significantly subsequent to finding another home. She had significantly more to battle against so as to see the promising end to present circumstances.

Abusive behavior at home proceeded inside her very own home; there was destitution and nervousness, and at a certain point, her better half relinquished her alongside their little child and new-conceived. Totally vulnerable and hopeless, Shefali was very nearly losing expectation again, however the way of life brand ‘Companionship, Colors of the Chars’ acted the hero. It helped Shefali recapture certainty. Through this program, she mastered sewing, weaving, coloring, and gems making, at long last endeavoring to represent considerable authority in the weaving procedure.

While discussing ‘Companionship, Colors of the Chars,’ Nazra Mahjabeen Sabet, Assistant Director, Nodi Ltd., stated, “It has made a serious name for itself in the nation.”

“Individuals who worth home-developed, maintainable and ecologically amicable items have become our well-wishers and supporters. Basically, the style business contributes fundamentally to environmental change, and it’s about time we comprehended the effect, and took care of business.”

“In light of these very convictions and to enable the women of the ‘singes’ by giving them sufficient apparatuses and preparing to run their occupations freely, the Friendship, Colors of the Chars way of life brand had been started.

Hassan Imam, a style creator working for Friendship Colors of the Chars, added to this point of view by uncovering how the way of life brand ceased from utilizing destructive synthetic compounds in the generation procedure, utilized unadulterated cotton and silk strings, normal colors and Azo free colors, to make each new cluster of practical apparel.

“We are in any event, wandering into inside stylistic layout, gems making and Jamdani saris — the conceivable outcomes are unfathomable, and the most delightful inclination about everything is that we are really accomplishing something beneficial and important, both for the nation and the oppressed, minimized individuals of society. I truly feel pleased to be a piece of the brand,” said the creator.

Today, a run of the mill day for Shefali implies getting up promptly in the first part of the day, sending her kids to the Friendship school in the island, which offers instruction completely liberated from cost and lets her fantasy that one day, her kids can become specialists and architects.

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