Cold undermines crops

The virus wave combined with thick haze clearing the nation compromises distinctive occasional yields and Boro seedlings, specialists said.

They said the Boro seedlings can turn yellow and hence bite the dust in extreme chilly climate.

Mustard, lentil and grass pea can be assaulted by parasite during serious cold, tomatoes and potato might be influenced by late scourge maladies, fight leaf may fall and mango blossom may get harmed during a virus wave, as per the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

Ranchers have been approached to shield their seedlings from the virus by covering those with polythene in the daytime to build temperature, however keep open around evening time.

In the event that the virus wave and mist proceed for a significant stretch, at that point the rancher must utilize bug spray and empty water into Boro seedbed.

Chandi Das Kundu, field administration wing executive of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), told the day by day sun that in the event that the present virus wave proceeded for 10 days, at that point it can influence crops, however the ranchers can spare their harvests by embracing extraordinary.

He said his field officials are offering help to the ranchers and assist them with sparing their yields.

Abdul Hamid, a rancher at Kumarkhali in Kushtia, told the day by day sun that he is stressed over his Boro field as the seedlings have turned yellow because of the virus wave however he has taken defensive measures.

Previous BRRI Director General Jibon Krishna Biswas said Boro seedlings may turn yellow because of serious virus wave and haze and the ranchers need to water the seedlings to shield them from harm.

Ranchers in the haor zones are confronting challenges in developing Boro seedlings during this chilly climate, he said.

Boro seed has been planted on 2.21 lakh hectares of land, out of 2.29 lakh hectares, till December 31 that is 96 percent of the objective, as indicated by the DAE. The DAE has fixed an objective of creating 2.03 crore huge amounts of rice from 48.66 lakh hectares of land.

Harm to saplings because of chilly climate isn’t unprecedented, yet this season it has gotten genuine.

The nation is shuddering with freezing cold which left over twelve individuals dead and hundreds tainted with different cold-related maladies.

On the off chance that the force of the virus wave expands, it will gravely influence the yield, horticultural specialists said.

The nation may observers another or two spells of serious virus spell this month, the Met Office has anticipated before.

The mellow virus wave is clearing over Rangpur division and the districts of Rajshahi, Jashore, Chuadanga and Tangail and it might lessen, said a meteorologist of Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).

Climate may remain fundamentally dry with brief overcast sky over the nation. Moderate to thick haze may happen over the nation during 12 PM till morning.

Ship benefits on the key Paturia-Daulatdia course in the Padma stream continued following an eight-hour suspension on Wednesday morning as perceivability improved.

Zillur Rahman, appointee head supervisor of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC), said the specialists concerned kept ship administrations suspended from around 2:00am as a result of poor perceivability.

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