‘Yes’ in Turkey: Democracy Got Power through Presidential Form

Turkis people made history voting in favor of ‘YES’ and the presidential form of parliamentary government system established in Turkey on 16 April. The historical referendum made Recep Tayyip Erdogan more powerful. Within this referendum, the Turkis constitution got a new shape.

When there is developing negative conclusion against the European Union in Turkey as Ankara’s relations with the coalition, especially part states Germany and the Netherlands, have been tense since a month ago, this referendum carries too much importance for the both parties. Especially, those two countries banished Turkish pastors from holding choice crusade arouses inside their fringes, where a great many Turkish voters live.

The president has expressed His view getting the victory of the democracy in Turkey. He said people has voted ‘YES’ to change Turkey for the world.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has respected the “Yes” vote in the choice to change Turkey’s constitution and give the nation’s presidential office new official forces.

“We have been assaulted by different countries of the world. You have perceived how the West assaulted us,” Erdogan told giving a shout out to supporters in Istanbul Sunday.

“We have not been partitioned… We have as of now been headed, now we will adapt it [with the new system],” he said. “We have such a great amount of work to do in this nation.”

The established changes were sponsored by Erdogan, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) established by him, and the administration of the Nationalist Action Party (MHP), whose parliamentary support was essential to take the alterations to an open vote.

Talking before Erdogan, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim expressed gratitude toward the Turkish individuals for their choice to back the sacred revisions.

“We are all siblings and sisters in a solitary body remaining against double-crossers,” Yildirim stated, talking at the central command of his overseeing AK Party in Ankara.

“Much thanks to you Turkey, thank you for my blessed country… The country said the last word and said ‘Yes’,” he said.

Starting at 12 am (21:00GMT) on Sunday, the “Yes” crusade drove with 51.3 percent to the “No” side’s 48.7 percent with 99 percent of votes checked, as indicated by informal outcomes.

The new sacred changes change Turkey’s administration from a parliamentary framework to an official administration, fundamentally extending the forces of the top office.

The outcome gives the president to be chosen in 2019 new powers to select VPs, pastors, abnormal state authorities, and senior judges.

It will likewise permit the president to disintegrate parliament, issue official announcements, and force condition of crises.

The people of Turkey assume, Erdogan has begun another age for Turkey and finished another.

According to Aljazeera”Until today, our situation is practically hopeless. Our leader has been attempting to do numerous great things for us. However, extraordinary forces attempted to keep him from doing as such,” said by another supporter.

“The current upset endeavor was the most recent case of this. God willing, we beat this endeavor like others… Turkey is prepared to administer the world at this point. The Ottoman Empire is returning.”

Yasemin Ozgen, a 43-year-old housewife, stated: “Great days are coming. With this outcome, Turkey will split far from Europe as a solid power without anyone else. An autonomous Turkey will take its own choices and will utilize its assets.”

Turkey’s administration has generally been a to a great extent nonpartisan and stylized part, without numerous political duties, as determined by the present constitution.

In any case, Erdogan has adequately changed the workplace into an all the more politically dynamic one after he turned into Turkey’s first president to be chosen by well-known vote in 2014 after earlier protected changes go in a comparative submission in 2010.

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