Political clouts spike misfortunes of gas organizations

The expanding exorbitant fundamental misfortunes of the gas transmission and dissemination organizations have been basically ascribed to outlandish political impact at a significant level arrangement meeting.

The gathering additionally saw that except if such undue political impact is limited, such foundational misfortunes in the gas part can’t be diminished.

At the gathering held at the Petrobangla home office yesterday, which the high ranking representatives from all the gas appropriation and transmission organizations joined in, a mandate was given to control the foundational misfortunes inside 2020. A huge number of crores of citizens’ cash are lost every year on this record.

The administration, as well, has given the request to the high ranking representatives of the gas transmission and conveyance organizations to diminish their fundamental misfortune as the expensive imports of condensed gaseous petrol (LNG) is draining the legislature. Petrobangla executive ABM Abdul Fattah directed the gathering.

Sources present at the gathering said Fattah had given a “severe mandate” to the overseeing chiefs of the gas conveyance organizations to hold their gas associations under control and ensure a huge heap of gas doesn’t get lost fundamentally.

The greater part of the foundational misfortune is the measure of gas the transmission and dissemination organizations miss out to illicit gas lines.

Strangely, the fundamental loss of Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Ltd (TGTDCL)— the biggest gas transmission and conveyance organization—has expanded drastically in fortuitous event with the infusion of the expensive imported condensed gaseous petrol (LNG) into the national lattice line, as indicated by a temporary gauge got by The Independent.

The temporary information arranged by the organization itself show that the fundamental misfortunes of Titas Gas were 11.58 percent a month in March a year ago with LNG supplies floating around 500 million cubic feet (mmcf) every day.

In December 2018, the month to month fundamental misfortune was 7.14 percent when the LNG supply was around 300 mmcf. Before the infusion of LNG into the national network in August 2018, Titas Gas continued a fundamental loss of 1.3 percent in June 2018. In 2017–18 FY, the normal fundamental loss of Titas was 1.41 percent, as indicated by authentic information.

According to the Titas information, the nation’s biggest dissemination organization bought 159.18 crore standard cubic meters

(SCM) of gas in March 2019 and sold 140.05 crore SCM, showing a missing amount of 14.81 crore SCM in the wake of considering a 2.2 percent finding as admissible frameworks misfortune.

The 14.81 crore SCM of gas are worth

around Tk. 570 crore. A Petrobangla and Energy Division official said on state of obscurity that the figuring of gas costs depends on the cost of imported LNG, which is Tk. 39 for every SCM.

As indicated by a 2018 Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) request, 2 percent appropriation misfortune is admissible for gas buys through claim transmission lines while 2.25 percent is passable as transmission and circulation misfortunes for gas buys through GTCL lines.

Conversing with The Independent, Md Al Mamun, the overseeing chief of TGTDCL, said he comprehended the dilemma the legislature was confronting a direct result of the fundamental misfortune in the gas part. “We are right now causing around six percent framework misfortune in Titas, which is route over the passable framework misfortune,” he said. “The issue is that at whatever point my groups go to cut unlawful gas lines, they face troubles from various quarters. In some cases, I get calls from powerful quarters to disregard an unlawful gas line. This has made the way toward controling foundational misfortunes exceptionally troublesome.”

Mamun, in any case, additionally said that right now, they are repeating their promise to make the association as liberated from debasement as could be expected under the circumstances. “This is our responsibility for the Mujib Year,” he iterated

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