Coronavirus: Prevention is superior to fix

Presently, crown isn’t just a name of an infection, it is a name of a frenzy and a plague. Individuals of China are trembling with dread on account of this infection as it started from one of its territories, Hubei. It has become an extraordinary test for China to handle the ascent of the infection. National Health Commission of China has recognized that nothing is unquestionably thought about the infection.

Yet, the matter of concern is that intersection the outskirt of China, coronavirus is currently spreading into different nations quick making all the individuals of the world stressed and hysterical. Frenzy about the infection is ascending in Bangladesh as well.

Thus, it has gotten fundamental for us to take sufficient prudent steps to forestall the infection. Various sorts of measures can be taken to forestall the infection in the nation.

Mindfulness crusade

Facilitating a mindfulness crusade is an incredible chance to forestall any kind of threat winning in the general public. In this way, most importantly we should make our kin aware of the infection.

Everybody must recognize what they ought to do to be protected from this infection. They likewise should think about their obligations and duties if the infection hits our kin. An unmistakable rule must be given to each medical clinic and center with the goal that they can make prompt strides if any coronavirus influenced quiet is found.

Our print and electronic media can assume huge job in making open mindfulness. The print media can make individuals mindful distributing various sorts of review and mindfulness messages. What’s more, the electronic media can make cognizance among individuals broadcasting preparatory messages after a specific timeframe with the goal that the individuals of all social status can know about the infection.

Mindfulness through morning get together in schools

Morning get together held each day in each school of Bangladesh can be an incredible mode of making mindfulness among understudies. In the get together, we can educate understudies about coronavirus, its causes and preventive measures. This sort of activity will make them cognizant. By getting legitimate data from the gathering, they would then be able to make the individuals of the general public aware of the infection.

Mindfulness through strict get-together

In each religion, there is a unique day in seven days when all the strict individuals stay present in an assembly in a mosque or in a congregation or in a sanctuary. In the assemblage, the strict pioneers exhort the aficionados about various contemporary issues. This kind of strict assemblage can be a superior path for making open mindfulness.

The strict pioneers ought to talk about the coronavirus as indicated by their separate strict sacred writings. They ought to likewise give an unmistakable rule to the admirers or lovers to be sheltered from this deadly infection.

Choosing nourishment cautiously

Coronavirus is accounted for to have begun from Wuhan, China and in the market where individuals sell and purchase a wide range of meats – chicken, fish, lamb, sheep, pig, bat, rodent, and even snakes. Presently it is accepted that the infection is spread from bat meat however researchers are as yet investigating the connection between the bat and coronavirus. Be that as it may, researchers have distinguished coronavirus as a zoonotic illness and it spreads from creatures to individuals. That is the reason, while cooking meat, the meat must be cooked cleanly and ought not be crude. This is the most ideal approach to forestall any ailment transmitted through creature dinner. We should likewise be cautious about the date-squeeze in winter. Most importantly, our nourishment list must involve the sheltered nourishment that must be chosen cautiously.

Following the advices gave by the WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled the essential defensive measures against the new coronavirus. To be protected, the guidelines must be followed. How about we see the directions:

(I) Wash your hands as often as possible with cleanser and water or utilize a liquor based hand rub if your hands are not noticeably filthy as washing hands with cleanser and water or utilizing liquor based hand rub takes out the infection in the event that it is no your hands.

Hands ought to be washed for in any event 10-15 seconds as follows:

• Wet hands under warm running water

• Use enough cleanser to frame a decent foam

• Rub all pieces of hands with cleanser and water

• Lather for in any event 10-15 seconds, energetically and completely scouring all hand surfaces including the fingertips and thumbs

• Rinse hands altogether with running water

• Dry hands altogether

(ii) When hacking and sniffling, spread mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue—dispose of tissue promptly into a shut receptacle and clean your hands with liquor based hand rub or cleanser and water. It is on the grounds that covering your mouth and nose when hacking and wheezing forestall the spread of germs and infections. In the event that you wheeze or hack into your hands, you may sully items or individuals that you contact.

(iii) Maintain in any event 1 meter (3 feet) separation among yourself and others, especially the individuals who are hacking, sniffling and have a fever since when somebody who is curved with a respiratory ailment, as 2019-nCov, hacks or wheezes they anticipate little beads containing the infection. In the event that you are excessively close, you can take in the infection.

(iv) Avoid contacting eyes, nose and mouth since hands contact numerous surfaces which can be debased with infection. On the off chance that you contact your eyes, nose or mouth with your polluted hands, you can move the infection from the surface to yourself.

(v) If you have fever, hack and trouble breathing, look for medicinal consideration early. Tell your human services supplier on the off chance that you have gone in a region in China where 2019-nCov has been accounted for, or in the event that you have been in close contact with somebody with who has gone from China and has respiratory indications.

(vi) If you have mellow respiratory side effects and no movement history to or inside China, cautiously practice fundamental respiratory and hand cleanliness and remain at home until you are recuperated, if conceivable.

(vi) Practice sanitation. Utilize distinctive cleaving loads up and cuts for crude meat and cooked nourishments. Wash your hands between dealing with crude and prepared nourishment. Wiped out creatures and creatures that have kicked the bucket of maladies ought not be eaten.

(vii) Wearing a restorative cover is one of the preventive measures to restrain spread of certain respiratory infections, including 2019-nCov. On the off chance that therapeutic veils are worn, fitting use and removal is fundamental to guarantee they are full of feeling and to maintain a strategic distance from any expansion in danger of transmission related with the erroneous use and removal of covers. The accompanying data on right utilization of medicinal covers gets from the practices in social insurance settings:

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