Apple to close retail locations around the world, with the exception of Greater China, until March 27

Apple Inc said late on Friday it will close the entirety of its retail locations, with the exception of those in Greater China, for the following two weeks to limit the danger of coronavirus transmission.

“We will be shutting the entirety of our retail locations outside of Greater China until March 27,” Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a letter posted on the organization’s site.

“In the entirety of our workplaces, we are moving to adaptable work courses of action overall outside of Greater China,” he included. “That implies colleagues should work remotely if their activity permits.”

Apple revived each of the 42 of its marked stores in China on Friday.

The organization’s gifts to the worldwide coronavirus reaction, to help treat the individuals who are wiped out and to help reduce the monetary and network impacts, came to $15 million on Friday, Cook wrote in the letter.

In excess of 138,000 individuals have been tainted worldwide and more than 5,000 have kicked the bucket, as per a Reuters count of government declarations.

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