COVID-19 pandemic and the tale of fearless warriors

coronavirus in the previous days. The infection had struck China 65 days in front of us and 104 nations and domains had encountered the warmth of COVID-19, preceding it showed up at our shores. We have seen the most evolved human services frameworks of the world tumbling to the COVID-19 surge in a steady progression.

At the point when the wards of Spanish medical clinics were overpowered with COVID-19 patients, they were being obliged in the city before the emergency clinics in Prague and keeping in mind that the morgues of Italian emergency clinics were obstructed with dead bodies because of lack of final resting places, we have seen the New York City organization caught up with diving mass graves ahead of time.

The medicinal services suppliers of Bangladesh, as somewhere else on the planet, were not saved from the frenzy of COVID-19. In any case, no place on the planet have we seen them surrendering ground and looking for cover. They have committed themselves to serving the COVID-19 patients over the globe in the midst of a remarkable lack of gloves, covers and PPE.

They have fallen casualties to COVID-19, recouped and came back to work. A web search uncovers that until May 24, upwards of 812 doctors in Bangladesh tried positive for coronavirus. During this equivalent period, 316 of them recouped and came back to work.

This situation has won at each edge of the globe. Before a month ago’s over, the quantity of social insurance laborers contaminated with coronavirus in Italy crossed 6,000 and in Spain, it arrived at the twelve thousand imprint.

Not all influenced medicinal services laborers, shockingly, were that fortunate. We have seen Dr Md Moin Uddin Ahmad, Professor Col (resigned) Dr Moniruzzaman, Dr Syed Zafar Hussain Rumi, Professor Maj (resigned) Dr Abul Mokarim Md Mohsin Uddin, Dr Amena Khan, Dr Abdur Rahman and Professor Dr Jahangir saying goodbye to a last to their families, to their calling and to us having lost the fight against COVID-19.

While we have cried tears in Bangladesh on six tragic events for our fallen associates, our partners in Iran needed to cry tears on 126 events and in Russia on 186 events till the center of this current month at the inauspicious downfall of their expert associates from COVID-19.

What’s more, in Italy and UK, which are individuals from the class of the most evolved eight countries of the world, the quantity of doctors succumbing to COVID-19 remained at 100 and 30 separately one and a half months back. Anyway none surrendered the fight, neither 26 years of age Dr Rabia in Pakistan, nor 70 or more Professor Maj (resigned) Dr Mokarim in Bangladesh.

That is the reason when the unassuming gathering concurred to 50 medicinal services suppliers, who came back to work subsequent to crushing COVID-19, by the specialists of the Shaheed Suhrawardi Medical College Hospital in Dhaka was broadcast across various TV channels of the nation, the country invested wholeheartedly at the occasion and bowed down in regard simultaneously.

The primary individual who attempted to make the world mindful of COVID-19 was a Chinese authority doctor Dr Li Wenliang. He worked in Wuhan, capital of China’s Hubei region, where this pandemic began from. While rewarding in a city medical clinic Dr Li went over certain patients with atypical pneumonia. He attempted his best to make his emergency clinic authority mindful of this developing threat. In any case, this whistleblowing was at any rate not in any manner charming for Dr Li. He was hassled by the authorities for supposedly spreading bits of gossip. Anyway before the pages of the schedule could turn a couple of times, the sound of Dr Li’s whistle is presently being heard over the globe uproarious and clear. Lamentably, however the world is yet to be liberated from COVID-19, China nearly is and above all Dr Li’s preferred Wuhan city has commended triumph over the infection. Dr Li has likewise earned interminable opportunity! His name stands apart splendid on the developing rundown of social insurance suppliers who have tumbled to COVID-19 over each side of the world.

The fight against COVID-19 isn’t at all wonderful for the social insurance suppliers. On one hand, it is a daunting task against an imperceptible foe. To add to this was the unfortunate experience of social mortification. In the good ‘ol days, numerous in this nation had their questions about the truthfulness with which the human services suppliers of this nation would remain alongside their compatriots. That uncertainty has nearly broken down. Notwithstanding, we despite everything can’t guarantee that our general public has arrived at a psychological state where we don’t look downward on our human services suppliers for the ‘blame’ of serving in devoted COVID-19 medical clinics. Nor would we be able to state that a landowner is essentially troubled if his social insurance supplier inhabitant clears his property, in spite of the way that he was guaranteed of getting his lease paid off consistently. The facts demonstrate that we have made considerable progress from that point forward, when Nasrul Hamid, our State Minister for Power, Energy Mineral Resources, needed to report that force flexibly would be separated if social insurance suppliers were bothered by their landowners and our Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Iqbal Mahmood needed to announce that he would arrange investigations into the wellspring of assets of proprietors for comparable charges. Indeed, even we from the Health Assistance Committee of Forum for Secular Bangladesh and Trial of War Criminals of 1971 gave a public statement decrying such provocation. The circumstance is no uncertainty much better today, we just anticipate that it should be far superior.

Anyway such sick treatment and provocation of social insurance experts have been accounted for from even the most evolved pieces of the globe. One can see numerous such occurrences simply looking down the web where Chinese, however human services suppliers were bothered in the US on various events as transporters of SARS-CoV-2, if just they were of Asian plummet.

As time has passed, administrations of the world have obtained expanded abilities to battle COVID-19 by numerous folds. The equivalent has additionally occurred in Bangladesh. In contrast to the underlying days, when our doctors were confronted with the crooked obligation of confronting COVID-19 without appropriate riggings, the circumstance has pretty much had a 180 degrees pivot from that point forward.

I despite everything recall that around a quarter of a year back, high ranking representative of a main TV channel of the nation moved toward me for photos of nearby doctors serving COVID-19 patients in legitimate PPE, as they couldn’t gain admittance to such photos regardless of their earnest attempts.

We have quickly come out from that phase to such a position today, that we can invest heavily in sending out 6.5 million PPE to the US. Our medicinal services suppliers were never compelled to serve in COVID-19 clinics covering themselves with canister sacks like our partners in the UK, nor did we need to remain before the entryways of the Bangabhaban, similar to the attendants in Washington DC, who brought out parades before the White House requesting PPE.

This pivot by Bangladesh has to a great extent been conceivable due to the immediate management and now and again direct obstruction of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. We have seen her requesting an investigation into supposed abnormalities with veils at live video gathering broadcast everywhere throughout the nation. Additionally, we have likewise observed her taking quick medicinal measures to introduce PCR machines on a need premise in Narayangonj when educated regarding this need by a lesser doctor at another live video gathering.

As of late the legislature has made a fortunate move to step-up the nation’s ability in handling COVID-19. In excess of 5,000 doctors and 2,000 medical attendants have been selected by the administration. This was, in any case, no new Guinness record, as the legislature has just secured that record by designating in excess of ten thousand doctors in the administration wellbeing framework in a solitary go a couple of years back.

Anyway the history that was made through this activity is of unmatched extent. The present arrangement of 5,000 doctors arrives in a troublesome setting. A capable head administrator, on one hand, has made strides unrivaled anyplace in the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic to guarantee the protected right of her kin of access to social insurance.

Then again, a huge number of youthful experts with scarcely any expert experience have joyfully acknowledged the demand of serving COVID-19 patients. I am almost certain this additionally is something that has no second model on the planet.

Since I am a master doctor, I need to join COVID-19 related syndicated programs regularly nowadays in on the web and standard electronic media. In these projects a typical inquiry that I am posed is whether I have any guidance to the youthful doctors of the nation. At whatever point I am asked with this inquiry, I have practically nothing to state, yet it fills my heart with monstrous joy.

Who can be more fulfilled than me in this human world who has such praiseworthy junior associates and consistently who gets compensations from a legislature that is going by a farsighted and caring head administrator like Hasina?

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