Apparition of new episode abrogates good feeling after Rajabazar lockdown is lifted

Bangladesh lifted draconian three-week lockdown measures on East Rajabazar, carrying some reprieve to its almost 50,000 occupants however fears of coronavirus transmission in this area from outside still pose a potential threat.

The occupants were concerned over the arrival of basic food item and natural product merchants and the individuals who left the zone before the lockdown. They are additionally worrying about future measures and their usage which could be the way to putting a chain on the spread of the infection.

East Rajabazar was the primary zone to go into exploratory lockdown on Jun 9 after the administration started hailing various pieces of the nation red, yellow and green zones based on contamination and demise rates.

Just medical attendants, columnists and law-authorization work force were permitted all through the zone with everything shut down during these 21 days, aside from drug stores, enormously burdening the occupants there.

After the lockdown was lifted on Tuesday 12 PM, a section and an exit to the territory were set up.

Local people thought about these horrifying recent days while likewise communicating fears throughout the days to come.

“I’m progressively stressed over the days ahead. The individuals who live outside or showed up from main residences or left the territory before the lockdown will start pouring back in from today. It is imperative to watch out for whether they are conveying coronavirus,” KAM Zobayer, a nearby landowner, told

“Once more, numerous individuals are not following the wellbeing direction after the broad lockdown, something that should be implemented by the specialists. So there is alleviation yet dread waits. Everything relies upon what measures trail the lockdown,” he included.

Shahjahan Mia, a nearby occupant who is a vegetable broker in Karwanbazar, related lockdown days as woeful. He needed to go through days with constrained food and supplies. The costs of every day necessities, which were found in indicated areas, were restrictive.

He concurred that leaving the lockdown without a doubt carried relief to the individuals yet much relied upon the means taken from this time forward to forestall the spread of infection disease.

A retailer, who declined to be named, said he had to purchase merchandise at almost twofold the costs he used to sell them. He, as well, was calmed to have the option to revive shop after such huge numbers of days. In the same way as other others, he was concerned that the section of individuals from outside may build the danger of disease by and by.

The neighborhood councilor Faridur Rahman Khan tried to console them.

“Since the main instance of coronavirus, we have been holding fast to the administration’s guidelines including wellbeing mandates. We kept only two of the 10 entryways to enter Rajabazar open decrease the quantity of individuals entering the zone,” he said.

He introduced the most recent COVID-19 figures in the zone. “A sum of 205 individuals have been tried and among them 40 were sure. The last tests were completed on 19 individuals on Jun 20. None of them have tried positive.”

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